Reply To: Questions, Comments, or Photographs for Discussion on Baby Takadai


My little toma girls and boysThese are my solution to weighted toma.  The body is a wooden spool and the head and bottom are wooden wheels.  the bolt and nut provide weight.  I could add more weight by replacing the bottom wheel for another bolt.  They kind of ‘dance’ around the marudai.

My kit came with the thermoplastic black material.  It was slippery to start with but I am really loving it.  I am using the 2×2 twill and can’t wait to take it off.  I tried sections of plain weave on right side with twill on the other for 1.5″ sections and then switched to balance the braid out.  I can’t really see it on the black thermoplastic but I am anxious to try it with other materials….so much to try.