Reply To: Questions, Comments, or Photographs for Discussion on “Inside Out”


These are my 8 “beaded” cords which will eventually go on the outside of Kawari Edo Yatsu. Each is a Maru Yotsu braid … 4 element braid. The green is 16 Tama silk, the purple 24 Tama silk …I used a spot of purple in the green braid and a green spot in the purple braid. The spots were double strands of the silk to represent a larger bead. I’m challenged to work the Kawari Edo Yatsu as the Flower Braid … Purple flowers leading into the Outside Edo Yatsu, and Green Flowers for the covered braid. The leader cords, which will be half hitched to my bead cords, will be several strands of silk to match their partners. I hope to have this braid complete sometime next week, and will post again.