Reply To: Questions, Comments, or Photographs for Discussion with Carolyn Oliver


Here’s my transitions braid, done in a Japanese purple precut metallic. I had not previously done the Nishiki Yatsu braid before – I really like the way it looks. I also appreciated the tip about putting a piece of tape on one of the marudai legs, 5  – 6 inches below the mirror with the idea that you unroll your tama to that length and braid until your tama are at the mirror and then change braid structures. Since the hole in the bead is quite large I’m planning to make 1 or 2 more braids and use them all together. I’m thinking of an entire braid of Nishiki Yatsu, since it’s new to me, and then if I need a 3rd, maybe Kawari Edo Yatsu I. because I really like that braid. Because I still have many other braids from the Virtual Gathering to complete, it is unlikely that this project will be completed prior to November 14th, but if it is, I’ll post a picture here.