Reply To: Questions, Comments, or Photographs for Discussion on Textural Braids Octo Plate


Hello Jere,
Thank you for your participating my class. Due to time constraint, my workshop on this time omitted the preparation of strands on the Octoplate.

If you place the strands directly across from each other, the start look great. On the other hand, If you place the strands randomly in the slots, the start doesn’t look great. However, if you use clasp for accessary, it does not matter. This random setting method is explained in the books “Kumihimo Disc and Plate (page 35)” and “Kumihimo Disc and Plate 2 (page 5)”. If you do not have the books, I will send you the photo taken the pages.

I hope you will find this reply useful. If not, please let me know.
Thank you for your message.