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    Braidershand carries all the books from Makiko.  Be careful:  you only need the first Takadai book for the Baby Takadai.  Volumes 2 and 3 cover double layer and pickup braids — none of which can be done on the Baby Takadai.

    Rodrick’s “Makikng Kumihimo” can be foyer used online.  Check for instance Alibris or ABEbooks

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      What is a good source for Makiko’s book?

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      Hi Melodie:

      Your best bets are:

      1) Makiko’s own web site. You’ll need to send her an email and she’ll write back with a price quote (so please provide her your shipping address), then she’ll bill you via PayPal. That web address and her email is listed on the top

      2) Braiders’ Hand – has all her books for plate, marudai and takadai (and more)

      3) Kumihimo Resource – same as above but one fixed shipping cost

      Hope this helps.


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