Braid 6: Kara Uchi Gumi

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      How did you make the transition with the Imposter threads from the 8 tama to the 16 tama while making a continuous braid from Braid 5 to 6?

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      Hi Carol,

      I didn’t. I braided all the 8 tama braids together with the 4 tama braid. Then I started a new set of Imposter for the 16 tama braids. If that’s not an option for you, you can split the amount of fiber on each tama in half, so you have 19 or 20 threads on each tama after the split if using Braiders Hand Imposter or silk, and 12 or 13 threads on each tama if using silk from Adrienne Gaskell.


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      Interesting braid. While it looks flat because you compress it, the is no similarity to the flat braids made on the square plate or the Octo plate.


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      Lovely braid, Cherie! I like flattening this braid because you can choose the most attractive sides and put any errors on the sides.

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