Braid 9: Kongo gumi

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      I’ve never been able to switch from z to s twist.  The video really helped me see how it works.  What would happen if you didn’t switch the tama before changing from one twist to the other?    I make a lot of necklaces with a focal bead in the front center and switching will make mirrored patterns.   Would you start the necklace in z and do the second half in s or does it really make a difference?   Thanks so much for your guidance.

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      Hi Michelle,

      I’m happy to hear the video helped you understand how the switch works!

      If you don’t switch the tama when making the move from S to Z you will have a bump in your braid where you made the switch. This is because you will be moving the set of tama in each grouping that should be resting, and in the first round of moves you are handling the same tama from the previous round. Your tension will also slightly change, which isn’t that big of a deal with some materials but can be very noticeable when using either very fine or very bulky fibers.

      It is strictly a matter of personal preference whether you start with Z or S twist when doing exchanges. You normally see reference of Z to S because Z twist is so well known but on a marudai it can give you better tension to start with S if that’s not the one you normally do.

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      Thanks, Carolyn.    I’ve got braid #7 on my marudai right now.   When I finish that one, I’ll give the s/z a try.   BTW, I’ve been using the square plate to organize my fibers prior to putting them on the marudai.   For this last braid, I flipped the plate over on top of the marudai and left the fibers in the slots while i tied on my tama.   Then I pulled the fibers out of the slots.   It helped me keep the fibers separated and I had fewer stragglers than before.

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      Michelle, that’s awesome! Great hack of the hack. Thanks!

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      I think I did this correctly finally.   I had to rip the s twist part twice until my brain could adjust to the reverse movements.   I’m anxious to try it with a breaded braid with a focal in the center.   One of the problems I’ve been having is with the ends of the imposter snagging as I unwind the tama    I’ve wound up with a tangled mess from time to time and couldn’t use the whole length of the fibers    I keep thinking of how I used to roll my hair with end papers back in the day.   Is there a solution to this problem in your bag of tricks?Kongo s and z twist

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      Hi Michelle,

      Your braid looks good! I’m glad you persisted.
      It can be challenging to work with imposter without it snagging or tangling. A lot of it is, unfortunately, just practice handling the materials. Sometimes tangling can come with static electricity and wiping down the fibers with a paper towel can help. If you have any resistance when you go to loosen a tama undo the slip knot, wind out some fiber, and redo the slip knot.


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      My directional change is at the far left of the curve. It worked well.


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      That’s a very good transition, Cherie. Thank you.

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