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    Please share photos of your finished braids. If you use a watermark, please don’t make it too large as we want to be able to see your beautiful braids.

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      The start of the “Folded (=Orime) Sasanami”.  fun braid, a long sequence, but easy to follow.

      Fiber – 8 sections – Braidershand Metallic – Apricot – 31 threads each

      4 Sections – Braidershand Metallic Orange  – 31 threads each

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      so I have re-braided several times and I have decided this metallic is TOO thick, the stiches do not lay nicely at the “fold” like Masumi’s braid. Hope this helps you with your braid.

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      This is a photo from my Oct project.  I used 4 strands of 60/2 weaving silk per bobbin, which is probably too fine and I warped WAY too much, as I am STILL working on this.  But I wanted to include the photo to show the little clip I put on to mark my place in the pattern.  After finding this faster way to track where I am in the pattern, my braiding speed increased significantly.

      Carol Benner uses a thumb tack that she pokes into the face of the octoplate between slits to mark where she is in the pattern.

      Keeping track

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        Dear Karen,
        Thank you for your sharing the photo and your nice tip !!!

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      Baidershand Japanese Metallic –  2 Ropes Apricot  & 1 rope Coral  – 31 ends Each –  Folded in half

      5 Reps of plain Sasa in the beginning and in between convex sequence. Thick, stiff braid. Made plate hole larger.

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        Dear Beth,

        I like the color. You are making the braid very beautifully!
        Thank you for sharing the photos of your works.


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        Your tips sheets are great! You are very clear and easy to understand. I love the variations of this braid, thanks for sharing your secrets.

        Best regards,
        Beth Hardy

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        Hello Beth,

        Thank you so much indeed. I am very happy to hear that.

        Warm regards,
        Masumi Tada

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      Braid on the round foam disk

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      Fiber used: 1mm satin cords, 16 strands
      Technique used: Convex sasanami

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      Fiber used: 1mm satin cords, 16 strands
      Technique used: Folded sasanami

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        Dear Yin,

        Wow, you have already braided 2 textural braids. You created them, especially Convex Sasanami, by adding some space between convex and curve.

        Thank you!


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        I can’t say enough thank you Masumi! You not only taught us, also share the secret tips with us. Thank you!!!!!

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Was completely intimidated never having used the Octoplate and having to miss the Mar 20 live session.  Have watched the recording twice through.  It is very very good and clear.  I decided to start with yarn before I go to my metallic.
      IT WORKS!  It takes, for me, about 3 repetitions and it starts to feel intuitive.</p>

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        Dear SLAndersen,

        Thank you very much for watching the recording. I am relieved to hear that you could understand.
        I can see 2 cute convex凸凸 from your photo. Very Lovely! Wow!!!

        Best regards,

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      Made the frame for the square jasper donut using Masumi’s convex technique with 16 strands 1mm satin cords. Also, I am going to use Adrienne’s crystal embellishment technique in the Desert Sunset at the join part of this pendant necklace.

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        Wow!!! Thank you for sharing the photo, Yin!

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      Had such fun with the 1/2 Sasanami variation of the Convex Sasanami to make it curve into necklace! Next up- Folded Sasanami!

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        That is lovely.  May I ask which fiber you used?  Thanks, Sherri

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        Japanese metallic threads, color variegated pastel, purchased from Adrienne Gaskell’s Kumihimo Resources.

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        That is so nice !!! I was impressed. 
        Thank you.
        Masumi :))

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      I enjoyed making the convex “mountains”.  I found during the first attempt that the braided portion wanted to rise up above at the point of braiding.  Most braids you do not want sticking up, so I ruthlessly pulled the braid down even with the octoplate.  I discovered that was the wrong thing to do. Those “mountains” were not very high and the outside threads were longer than those that I allowed to rise up.  So I let the braid stick up.  Much nicer appearance when I did not force the braid down.

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        Dear Robin,

        I am very impressed your attempts!!! They will be learning experiences for me as well.

        Many thanks,


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      I love the look of the folded sasanami.  I do not like the doubled strand of fibers.  I worked single bundle of metallic fibers into folded Sasanami with what was left after braiding two of the convex bracelets.  It looks nice, but I can see where Masumi said it is too thin.  But the doubled seems too thick to me.  One and one half would probably be perfect, but I don’t want to mess with trying to split the bundles of Japanese fibers.

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        Dear Robin,

        The folded sasanami looks very very nice!
        With the folded sasanami, the choice of fiber is important. I hope you can find your favorite thickness and texture. when you fond, please let me know!

        Thanks a lot,


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      My first attempt to understand the Folded Sasanami, it is quite different than the Convex in texture.  I didn’t work with the acrylic first, as I did with the convex to learn the  moves.

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        Wow, it looks so lovely!!!
        Thank you for your sharing the photo, SLAndersen!

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      The color change is fantastic.


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      Folded Sasanami

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        Hello Jeanne,
        You made it very nicely! I like the color too!!

        I remember I met you in Iga and shared my friend’s gift with you. Also, I was happy to see you on the screen at the Q & A session.

        Thanks a lot,

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      Hello Jeanne and SL.  I’m new to the world of kumihimo where beads are not the focus.  I love the color change in your braids.  Is that fiber you got in Japan or can you find it here?  I don’t see anything similar in Adrienne’s or Janis’s web stores. Thanks, Sherri

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