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    Someone asked during the class if it was possible to braid anda-gumi in between the sasanami sections of the convex braid. The answer is probably not. That is because anda-gumi builds at a 45-degree angle from the bottom of the plate, where sasanami builds at 90-degrees from the bottom of the plate. If you tried to braid anda in between the sections, you would introduce an angle into the structure so it would no longer be straight

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      Yes, Bob, you are correct. I misspoke, but I think it was corrected in the class. Braiding Sasanami will add more space between the “mountains.” Also, you can braid a couple rows of Sasanami at the beginning of the bracelet and at the end (after the bracelet length is achieved) so that the clasp can be attachedmore easily.



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      Convex Sasanami Variation with Anda-gumiThank you Bob. You are right.
      And thank you for your great response, Carol.

      To be honest, I think the idea which Anda-gumi braids between 凸 and 凸 is very nice and very unique. I was able to get a new inspiration from you both and the participant. So I tried to make the sample experimentally, though it needs to be polished. Isn’t it cute with more mountains? I like the design, which is suitable for both bracelets and necklaces. If there is another opportunity to have my workshop somewhere, I would love to introduce it as a variation of Convex sasanami.

      Thanks again,


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      I think that you could easily incorporate both techniques into the braid. I have been thinking about that possibility. I think the original question was considering an anda section, which would through the braid off-kilter, but if you braided opposing sections of anda, or braided a zig-zag, it would be pretty cool.

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