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    Please share photos of your necklace here. If you watermark your photo, please keep it small so we can admire your necklace.

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      Desert Sunset using your own beadsI made this necklace with Adrienne at the Bead&Button Show a few years ago and always loved the design. I wear my Desert Sunset necklace very proudly as it was sheer determination on my part to finish it and wear to the next Bead&Button Show! This year I wanted to be in the class but didn’t want to make the same color way so I had to try to put my own kit together. A bit of a challenge but I really love what came together and got the first side of my braid done today. I have one more color way that I’m equally excited to make too! Love this design and love making it. Thanks so much! Awesome March Gathering too! It’s like you’re all pros now in no time at all.

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        Diane, this is beautiful, I can’t wait to see it finished.

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        I love your color selections.  I find that many different colors together quite challenging.  Looking forward to your photo of the finished necklace.

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        Thanks Phyllis. It was a challenge for me because I was thinking I wanted blue/purple but I ended up with 2 different necklaces. Both I’m excited about. I actually used the leftover beads from Desert Sunset and followed Adrienne’s finishes and tones and then it came together a bit easier. I finished the second side today and will start the embellishments tomorrow. Those 3mm magatama are tricky little buggers! Be careful dropping them!!

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        Looks fabulous Michelle!

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        Michelle, I love the high contrast between the necklace braid and the crystal embellishments, very effective. Good job on the ombre blend on your tassel as well.

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        Thanks, Adrienne.  The tassel and embellishments really were a challenge, even though I had done bead embroidery before.   I learned a lot of transferable techniques that I know I will use in future projects.

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        Michelle, I’m glad you are learning techniques that you may use again.

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        great tassel Michelle!

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        Love it Michele! No clasp! Love that too!

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        Love the colors — beautiful necklace, nicely done!

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        Thanks, Diana.   I had an over abundance of 11/0 beads in my stash.   So I tried a 16 strand Kongo gumi with the embellishments from the Desert Sky necklace.   I made it without the clasp because it was pretty heavy with all the beads and the tassel.  I didn’t want to add any more weight and it was long enough to just go over the head.  In hindsight, I wouldn’t do the 11/0 with 16 strands again because I couldn’t get the width I wanted to embed the crystals seamlessly.

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        Good info Michelle! Thank you.

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        Love the dramatic colors.  Beautiful!

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      Thanks, Diana.   I’m anxious to see how your beautiful colorway looks like when finished.

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      Desert Sun Gathering Project

      Here is my necklace so far. It has been a project with several new aspects for me. It was little intimidating, which means it is a good class project because I’m doing things I otherwise might not. And though it took some braiding and unbraiding, I am happy with the outcome.

      I agree, with Diana (above) that the magatamas demand a lot of attention as they are dropped into place. I really appreciate everything I have learned so far. Now for the rest of it!

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      Desert Sun Class Project

      Here it is all finished. Thank you Adrienne. And thank you AKS. The class instructions and the video were both very well done. Having the videos to refer to was a big help and any mistakes I made along the way were either due to my lack of experience or because I thought I remembered the steps and didn’t review that section of the video before starting the step. I learned a lot of new skills in this class (including how to fix my mistakes). I am very happy with the results. I may make another Desert Sun necklace but with a more casual color combination.

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      What fun!  I even survived two part epoxy!  Desert Sun

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      I thought you’d get a kick out of my “helper”…Frankie learning to bead

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      Thank you Adrienne for your awesome design!!! I finally made this dream necklace although it took me 6 hours to make the tassel and add crystal embellishments.


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      Desert Sunset (use your own beads)

      I wish you could see this in person. Adrienne’s design is one I have long loved and I will say you know a great design when it allows for so many interpretations and forgives flaws. I was looking to create a soft and sensual feel with the colors and I’m very happy with the results. Just happy!

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      Diana, It’s beautiful.   I especially like the way you did the ombre in the tassel.   You’ve inspired me to modify the way I’ll do the tassel in a 16 strand kongo gumi I’m finishing that incorporates Adrienne’s embellishments and tassel.

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        Thanks so much Michelle! I really followed the way Adrienne did the tassel for Desert Sunset but I didn’t have as many color options in metallic so you do see more matte opaque in my tassel. I made 2 attempts creating the tassel. I wasn’t happy with my first attempt and played with it a little more. It’s really interesting how the order in which the beads are strung (color & finish) makes such a big difference. Here’s my first attempt and then the one I landed on side by side.

        Creating the tassel for Vintage Rose

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      Wonderful pattern!  Thought the tassel would drive me crazy, but it was worth it!

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      Finally finished yesterday, and I think I’m starting to love 2-part epoxy.  I ended up with too much space in the gaps and ended up adding a 5th row of rondelles in there, but I learned a lot doing this project.  I love teal, but missed out on the kit, so I tried to do a similar color scheme using red 11/0 and rondelles that I had.  Very fun!

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      It was interesting to learn Adrienne’s clever technique for the tassel, and I’m glad I bought the kit so I was introduced to that wonderful One-G thread!

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