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    Ask questions about instructions and materials.  Questions regarding instructions that are posted prior to class will be answered during the live class.

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      Beth Hardy

      Will you please show a picture of this?

      tubing over the braid nub and tassel join


      Thank you.

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      Michelle Bloom

      At the end of each braid, does it matter which type of bead is the last one to braid?   If a magatama, should it be only one or two to drop?

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        Michelle, this and other questions will be answered during class.

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      Jocelyn Shaw

      I’m a bit confused about the second braid.  In the kit I have 6 8ft Slon bead cords, folded in half, so each one is about 4 ft.  I braid as directed until it measures 14 inches.  If I take it off the marudai at that point, do I tie a knot in the remaining cords to start the next braid?  Will there be enough cord for a second braid?

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        Your kit should have two sets of cords, there are two loops with knots.  If you did not receive these, please contact me directly [email protected].

        Braiding Cords SLon

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      Jocelyn Shaw

      Thanks Adrienne,

      I double checked my kit and DO have a second set of cords.  Thanks so much!  Now things make a lot more sense.



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      Adrienne, do you think I would run into trouble with connecting the tassel if my ribbon was 1/4″ wide instead of 3/8″?

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        No, as long as it is less than 3/8 in. and not more you should be okay.

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      Joan Harris

      When working beads onto the braid should the beads be added before or after moving the cords?

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        Joan, The beads are worked into the braid in the same manner as with any beaded kongoh gumi (round braid).


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      Martha Schaefer

      Will there be a separate video of the “quick and easy off method” for ending the braids?

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        Martha, that’s the plan, just need to get a couple more hours fitted into a 24 hour day, ha ha. Sorry for the delay.

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        Martha Schaefer

        Thanks Adrienne!  Just waiting to take my first braid off. 🙂

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      Teryl Madlem

      Is 30% CW correct? Seems pretty light.


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        25 to 30% should be good, if it is too tight, massage it as you go and before ending and removing from disk or marudai.

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      Michelle Bloom

      What should the diameter of the unbeaded sections of the braid be?    Also what should the diameter of the ribbon portion of the rolled tassel be?   I ran into a problem on my second necklace because I rolled the tassel ribbon more tightly than the first.   When I got to the bottom of the embellishments, I found there wasn’t enough foundation to support the rondelles in the last row as in the upper rows.   I guess I’ll rip out the last few rows and will try to build up the bottom portion.

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        The braid is about 9 – 10mm in diameter. The tassel ribbon rolled up should be similar in diameter to the diameter of the two braid nubs that are stitched together.

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