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    Please ask your questions about materials and instructions here. Questions regarding instructions that are posted prior to class will be answered during the live class.

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      I have a 16 tama bundle of Metallic that was purchased on our trip with Adrienne to Japan.  Adrienne said we could use it for  Textural Braid 2, but wouldn’t we need 1 and 1/2 packages in order to get enough to fill the 24 slots?

      TIA, CarolM

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      You will use only 12 bundles of the 16 pack and fold them in half to fill the 24 slits. A bundle in the 16 tama pack has more threads than a bundle in a 24 pack. You should be fine. Does this make sense?

      Carol Benner

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      Yes makes sense.  Glad I have some 16 tama packs on hand.  Thank you.

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      HI Masumi

      I am having trouble with this braid. Specifically, I can’t get the stiches to meet at the “fold”. I understand the tension must be correct, but I have tried heavy tension and little tension. I also tried different thread counts “thickness” of fiber and still can’t get it to lay correctly. also tried a new octo plate. Any suggestions? kind regards, Beth

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      HI Masumi

      I am having trouble with this braid. Specifically, I can’t get the stiches to meet at the “fold”. I understand the tension must be correct, but I have tried heavy tension and little tension. I also tried different thread counts “thickness” of fiber and still can’t get it to lay correctly. also tried a new octo plate. Any suggestions? kind regards, Beth

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        Hi Beth,

        I always appreciate you for making textured braids. Also, thank you for your photos. Did you obtain any good tips for creating Folded Sasami from my workshop, which you can use for your works? I really hope you did so. I am looking forward to hearing more braiding experiences from you.

        Thanks a lot,


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      Hi Beth,

      We’re going to wait and ask Masumi questions after she has presented her class. However, tell me what kind of fiber you are using, how much and send a picture and I can ask on your behalf on Saturday evening!



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        Yes, I learned a lot from the videos. With the folded sasanami, the fiber choice is very important!



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      My apologies, due to circumstances beyond my control I will be unable to view this great class tonight in person.  However, I look forward to being able access the recording when it is available.  I did learn to do the basic Sasanami braid on the marudai and on the plate.  It is a beautiful braid, just love it!

      -Susan Andersen

      Tucson, AZ

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        Dear Susan,

        Thank you for your message. I strongly hope that you will enjoy the recording of my workshop when it is available!!!


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      Susan,  the class recording should be up on the AKS website within 48 to 72 hours.


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      Will the additional pdfs of variations shown in Masumi’s class be made available here in the forum, or somewhere else?



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        Dear Barbara,

        Thank you for your question. Immediately after my workshop, I sent additional PDFs of the workshop to the AKS. So I think They will be posted on the website soon. I hope you will enjoy variations of textural braid as well.


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      Arigatogozaimashita Matsumi for the wonderful class and the addition of the tips sheets.  The tip sheets will be very helpful.


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      I’m curious about the recommendation to use a stiff cotton for practicing.  I started with a cotton Chinese braiding cord but it seems like that will ruin the octo plate for using the thinner metallic fiber later.  Any suggestions?  Looking forward to the video about fibers.  Thanks.

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      Actually, the cord I was using was described as a Chinese knotting cord.

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      Thank you Yin Guang – the beautiful photos and fiber descriptions you posted answered my question.  I’ve been using regular S-Lon and it is OK for practicing the braid but it takes too much braiding to see the results. I’ll give 1mm satin a try.  Also, thank you Masumi Tada.  Your instructions are very clear and the video is excellent!

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        Dear Sherry Pocock,

        Thank you for your questions. Now I am relived and happy to hear that you have got the right answer from Yin Guang (Thank you, Yin!!).

        And thank you very much for complimenting my instructions and video!!!

        Masumi Tada

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      What type of clasp is everyone thinking of using for Masumi’s beautiful braids.  I would like to use a flat wide clasp if I can find one with a large enough opening.

      Any suggestions?


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        Hi Alice,
        I used magnetic clasp inside diameter 5mmx10mm and endcap inside diameter 8mm.

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      Hi Masumi,

      Thank you for your wonderful class!

      I have a question regarding the convex sasanami braid:  It seems that whenever I put the braid down and start it up later, I loose some of the tension in all of the cycle of the braid.  The first time I put it down, I did not begin again by pulling the B, circle B, C, circle C and the nub turned out flat.  From there on, I pulled again before restarting.

      Please can you tell me if there is a a trick to keeping the tension when you stop and then start again later?

      Many thanks,

      Tina Kelsey

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        Hi Tina,

        Thank you for your question.

        I usually pull threads again when restarting to keep sufficient tension.
        And also I pay attention to the Octoplate, because after I use it many times or use thick threads, the slits will become loosen.

        I hope you find this reply useful.
        Thank you!!!


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      Hi Masumi,

      Yes, thank you!!!


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