Convex Sasanami – Reading Directions

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    AvatarMarie Kulchinski

    Studying the direction on pg 7&8, noticed up arrow on graphic. (means start at botton?) Looking at Braid 1, bottom of table 2 rows *, (mean start here?)

    Folded Sasanami: Braiding 1, 2 row up from bottom, there is an * missing at the start of the row. Also on Braiding 11; 1st row, missing *

    Masumi, you did a wonderful job creating and delivering this presentation. You have a gold star in my book. Our “Rock Star” is flying high.

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      Dear Marie,

      Thanks for your questions.

      I just saw the uploaded instructions, but noticed that some tables was cut off in the middle and it was written on the next page. I am afraid it’s hard for you to see.

      Braiding 1 of Folded Sasanami (Fig.6), for example, please start from the top. In other words, please start production from [6 → Circle B] on the octoplate.

      * Regarding the mark, you can spread and tighten the threads even if the mark is missing. Let’s try spreading the threads, for example, Braiding 1 [B → 6][C → circle 6]. I don’t think tighten can be done.

      Your rock star (haha 🙂 ) tried answer your question. I hope my answer is what you wanted to know.
      I’m looking forward to seeing the photos of your Folded Sasanami.

      Thank you,


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