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    Hi everyone, I am checking the forum on a regularly basis and I am making a list of topics to cover this coming Saturday during the Q&A.  Two things would help me:

    1) Post pics of your work in progress — good or not so good.  There is lots to learn through this.  No names will be used

    2) Post comments on the different materials you have received as you use them

    Lastly, please have fun!!!!!!!

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      It would be helpful it Giovanna would talk about finishing these braids, particularly if one is trying to make a piece of jewelry.

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      I am so lost I haven’t an idea how to set up my babyT. Can someone please post a handful of pictures on setting up the thermoplastic cords with a larks head knot? I had all bobbins loaded and tried to braid but the main cord holding the thermoplastic cords pulled thru the spindle hole once I began to use the sword and pushed it down. I tried a larks head thru that hole but could not figure out how to attach to the bundle. Help?

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      Randy – I hope these photos help. They are the back of baby takadai. It’s a little hard to see because my yarn is white, but there is a lark’s head knot around the knot at the top of the photo (which is all the fibers tied together). The lark’s head knot is made from the cord that was thread thru the hole in the part that turns at the bottom. As you braid, you can turn that which will advance the point of braiding closer to the Torri.

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      I have been making my sample braid with polyurethane coated cord. It’s taken a little getting used to as it’s quite sticky/grabby. In fact, when advance the braid to adjust the point of braiding, one the koma popped out of place, in part because of the tackiness of the cord. I did rearrange the koma, so part of the problem may also have been a function of the koma being loose.

      The finished braid is light and you can see the different patterns quite well. Seeing the pattern might also be a function of the color being white.

      I haven’t yet  had a chance to play around with color. I’m also thinking I’ll experiment with mixing different fibers.

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      Thank you so much Jane. What I see is a lark’s head on the end of your fibers that holds them to the Tori and once attached you somehow fit the ends of  those cords thru that tiny hole in the spindle and double knot that? I did exactly this and will need to ensure the knot is large enought NOT to slip back through. Your braid is amazing and looks like a ply with 2×2 or 3×3 (without recalling those names). I need so more sleep (up at 4am to ensure I did not miss the general meeting).  Thanks soooooo much.


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      Setting up the cord on the braid roller: insert one side of the loop through the holes, then slide the opposite end through the end that just went through the holes.  In essence you are making a half hitch knot around the roller — similar to what you do when attaching the leader to a tama.

      Advancing the braid: you should roll the roller away from you so that a large section of the braid is visible to you to check.  The little dowel must be inserted through two holes in front of the stopper.  If you insert it behind it, the braid will unravel.


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