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      I tried to watch Makiko Tada’s history video today as well as the Braidershand studio tour.    Both videos started up and soon started buffering and never moved from that point.    I was able to watch three of the other video presentations without any problem.   Any suggestions?

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        Buffering is either caused by your internet connection, your browser or your computer.  We have not had anyone else have issues.  If you are using Safari, I suggest you try Firefox or Chrome.

        Let me know if that works,


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      Fabulous job on the Virtual Gathering 2020!! 
      The classes were amazing. The video was excellent. I loved being able to take ALL of them instead of having to choose based on availability and schedules.

      I would also like to give a round of applause to the participants. Many would have never attempted a virtual class until it became the only choice.

      We have come together as a group because we want to continue learning. Because of that desire, many had to learn a new tech skill (Zoom) in order to continue learning our art form.

      Maybe some of those who have participated and embraced online learning can encourage their friends to attempt virtual classes.

      Bravo to ALL!!!

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        Kristen, I agree, this may be one of the only good things to have come out of the pandemic.


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      Hi Katherine.  Thank you for sharing this project with us.  Once all 3 braids are finished I plan to attach the clasps for the bracelets.  I was wondering if, when sizing, do we need to allow for the braid stretching during wear.  Do we need to massage the braid in the same way we would with a marudai braid before measuring?  Thanks…..will post photos when complete.

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      Stretching should not be a problem with these braid structures. Enjoy!


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