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      These are the materials I am considering for my braid. I’m probably not including everything and I’m not sure if the braid itself will have any beads in it. The fossil will be bead embroidered but I’m not sure if it should be point up or point down in the final piece. Any thoughts?

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        I don’t think you can go wrong either way with the fossil.  It’s beautiful.  I think the point up giving a teardrop effect might be more appealing though.

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        That’s what I’m going to do, point up.

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      You might also consider orienting the fossil cabochon sideways.  I love your materials, especially those black and white drucks and the black and white yarn.  Thanks for last Sunday!

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        Thanks! Unfortunately, sideways would not work with the rest of my plans for the piece. Thank you for taking the class!

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      Ladder Braid – Jacqui Carey – Beads and Braids

      27 – Looped on – Double

      Fiber – Nylon Satin – 105″

      White CLON/SLON  Fine Weight TEX 135 – 105″

      Recycled Glass Beads – 10MM


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      You have done some fantastic braids!  I love them.


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      In thinking about this challenge…..Something I haven’t done before.
      First, I have never , in 20 years of braiding, braided anything in black and white, period!
      Then, after thinking about it, I bought some “paper yarn” in Japan many years ago so…. and I have a drawer full of “mizuhiki”(Japanese paper cord) sooooo..
      The paper yarn is listed as 82%cotton(paper)/18%nylon(little fluffy cord). Mizuhiki comes in red,white, gold,sliver(now other colors too) but not black……so sprayed(fun!!!). **included crane made from mizuhiki.

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      Started by using YAMAJI “Mountain Road” which gained the name LACE by Charlene Marietti, 1992 kumi book. Can be 6, 8, 12 bobbin. I used 8 bobbin from Sixty Sensational Samples #44 . 1.Then, after I started braiding decided two mizuhiki twisted for strength. 2. Ah, need some beads…wood..holes small so untwisted a couple of mizuhiki. 3. Need some bigger and RED for accent!!!! = Cinnabar = 2nd braid pattern ………soooooooooo Ladder braid (Carey 8C) called Shippo, Yatsu-Shippo etc. depending on which book you look in(*FUN).

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      As I finally finished “playing” with this CHALLENGE, and took it triumphantly off the marudai, I remembered I was supposed to show point of braiding, progress etc. Sorry!!

      Final decisions/choices for necklace: 1. with Origami flower as focal point and small origami flowers here and there (no weight..hmmm) 2. Black Cinnabar flower alone  3. Black Cinnabar flower with small origami flower in the middle.

      Will I make this again. ??Hmmmm. Maybe but with changes. Who knows…..mizuhiki, other components need to speak to me over a glass of sake.!

      Sorry, using this site by biggest challenge!!

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        very, very interesting use of materials…happy braid…  is there an ISBN for this book you are using?

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        In reply to Beth’s question about Shawnnee’s braid

        No ISBN # Book is a paper spiral bound “KUMIHIMO” A Systematic Approach to The Ancient Art of Japanese Braiding on the Marudai by Charlene W. Marietti 1992, 1992

        Other book I used w/ variations that I copied the one page is “60 SENSATIONAL SAMPLES’ ISBN: 0-9733734-0-7 BY Shirley Belin and Carol Goodwin. I’ve seen it still avail., I think??


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        That’s really neat! I have some paper yarn from Giovanna and I’m quite impressed with how easy it is to work with.

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      Beautiful and playful necklace!    The materials are all really interesting.

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      This is my finished piece, Smudged. It is sankaku gumi, braid 116 from Comprehensive Treatise of Braiding Vol 1. This was my first time making this triangular structure. The part of the fiber that flows over the focal is a three element braid made by hand.

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      This is the marudai setup for Smudged. I used 9 elements of handspun wool yarn, two ends per tama that were 55 inches long. The yarn was not handspun by me and I lost the tag so I don’t know who made it, unfortunately. The other 6 elements are size 11/0 seed beads; 3 glossy black, one matte white, one matte metallic gray, and one silver lined gray. They were strung onto doubled lengths of 6lb Fireline and started 55 inches long.

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      This is a closeup of the point of braiding. I used a 50% counterweight which was probably too heavy as the braid does not twist as it should, but I prefer it this way as it emphasizes the triangle shape. That was really the only challenge I had and I look forward to making this braid again. Using the beaded strands as the “inside” of the structure worked really well. 

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      Carolyn,  Wow! I absolutely love how you attached that interesting braid structure to the cabochon bezel on one end and used the clasp as a bail on the other.  Your choice of materials and colors for the braid  blend so well with the cab.

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        Thank you! the braid over the cabochon is a three strand braid like you’d use for hair I sewed to the bead embroidery backing. I’ve had the pieces for this project sitting for a while but needed a push to get it done!

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      Basic Anda Gumi—Comprehensive Treatise of Braids VI
      Basic Sasanami—Masumi workshop at Virtual Gathering October, 2020
      Materials—2mm leather, a Yin-Yang porcelain bead, a piece of 20 gauge wire
      Braid on round foam disk.

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      Hira Nejiri 1—Makiko workshop at Virtual Gathering October, 2020

      Materials—2mm satin cords, Dzi porcelain beads as a focal piece

      Braid on round foam disk.

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        Those are some really cool pieces, Yin!

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        Thank you Carolyn! These braids when created using 2mm leather, resulted in braids with interesting look and texture.

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      Materials used: Size 8 black and white seed beads, Size 8 metallic dark blue Iris seed beads, Size 8 gold square bugle beads, Size 11 metallic square bugle beads, 4mm metallic rondelles, leather cord dyed gold cut into 2-1/2″ pieces

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      The Frizzly Look

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      On the disk

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      Size 8 black and white seed beads were used for the beginning and end portions of the braid done in an alternating pattern on 8 cords – black, white, black, white, etc. The center 8″ section was done with 1 cord white, 1 cord gold square bugles, 1 cord metallic square bugles, 1 cord metallic 4mm rodelles, 1 cord metallic dark blue iris seed beads and 3 cords of black seed beads.  The gold leather was tied into the braid every third row for the entire length of the front section.

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      Hello all,
      Here are the materials for my challenge project. I am not a big fan of black & white as a color combination so in addition, my project incorporates 7 shades of gray as the main colors, which since black & white make gray I though that was a good compromise. I also have one other color (not shown in the picture) that is part of the finishing of my project which will be revealed upon completion.
      I am making a necklace by weaving 12 separate full length braids, using Maru-yotsu, those 12 individual braids will come together to make the necklace. Maru-yotsu will be represented in three different parts of the necklace.

      Why this braid?
      I have been wanting to use the Maru-yotsu braid for some time after seeing a necklace made by Adrienne Gaskell with that braid, however I didn’t want to just reproduce that necklace in another color, so while my necklace is not the same there are a couple parts that are certainly inspired by it. I also took inspiration from a book by Kimiko Kakimoto which has many pieces depicted with tassels that appear to be split off from the main braid and then braided again, this was the inspiration for the tassel portion of my project.

      Would I make this braid again?
      To be determined. While the Maru-yotsu braid is not that complicated, braiding 12 of them full length plus splitting part of the end length and braiding those has proved to be quite time consuming and so I will see if I like the end product enough to consider doing again.

      What is “New to Me” in this braid?
      1. Using the Maru-yotsu braid
      2. Adding seed beads to silk/imposter
      3. Splitting fiber
      4. Making tassels with fiber

      As mentioned, making 12 full length braids has been time consuming. I also found that not all of the seed beads I wanted to use would fit onto the fiber, but I was able to over come that by splitting the fiber further, stringing the beads onto a portion of the fiber and then pulling the left out threads through the beads separately with a needle.

      Next, as an example, I will post one of the 12 individual braids (of which I currently have 11 done). Now onto the last one, then I can bring it all together.

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      Project Supplies

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      Thought about using leather on mine., but then thought the challenge of mizuhiki maybe more!!!  Want to get some leather cord to try. Do you suggest 2mm??

      Like how it looks!!



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      Think this came out really interesting and that double looped ladder braid.    Hmmmmm

      I love Ladder Braid for enclosing just about anything but…………..double looped ladder braid. Can’t wrap my head around that one at the moment. Maybe, at some point, you will give me some help on that one.

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        setup the marudai with sixteen elements, work from left to right  , with the first braid…I think of it as a large x, working north to south…. I used Jacqui Carey’s looped on double pattern, page 130, in Beads and Braids. I  added another braid, on the outside – to create the double braid…. the “inside braid” is the looped on double technique. page 62, is a picture of Jacqui’s braid that inspired me.

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      Oh thank you Beth,…..I think…..another one to try!. oh my!



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      12 Braids

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      Shown above are my 12 braids which are coming together into one necklace.  Below are more pictures, the 12 braids part of which were further braided together using Maru-yotsu, bringing them together to make 3 braids which in part were then further braided to become one.

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      12 to 3 Braids

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      3 to 1 Braid

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