“Philos” Hana Convex

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    "Philos" Hana Convex
    I used Lunatic Fringe Abigail “Philos” metallic thread . I put 54″? on at 10-12 epb. I decided this after Phyllis Straus thought about 14epb, then later changed to 10 epb. Finished length was 21″ but I had probably over half the bobbins with 12″ left over. hmmmm
    Biggest problem was in pulling the AB & circle AB with enough tension. Not sure why. In thinking/looking at the end product, I am wondering if putting maybe 7/8 epb, or even less, would have given me a better/tighter braid.
    Creative idea but, personally, not my favorite braid structure.

    Masumi san. Gomen-nasai, shitsureshimashita kedo utsukushi kutowa kanjimasen.

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      Dear Lucionne,

      It’s a shame it wasn’t your favorite blade structure. But thank you very much for the attempt and sharing it. I am now eager to come up with a structure that you might like.


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