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      Question for Adrienne- Some time during your presentation, could you please talk about what modifications if any need to be made if using 5mm pearls instead of 4 mm pearls.  Thanks.

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        Michelle, I don’t think there is enough of a difference in size between 4mm and 5mm pearls to need any modifications.

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      I’ve finished braiding and found that my pearl section only measures 7 1/2” even when I’ve stretched it as much as I dare.   I used the recommended counterweights.   I guess I must have braided too tightly.    Any ideas what else might have caused this?

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        Michelle, You are not letting your tama and counter weights control the tension.  You must be tightening the cords while you are braiding.

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        I did tighten when I did the pearl moves…..probably a little too over zealously.     Thanks.

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      I will be posting the class video on Tuesday, sorry for the delay, it needed a lot of editing.

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      I really enjoyed this class. With both the directions and the video I was able to move along well. Thanks!

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      Adrienne,  Just want to verify that the cord included in your kit (looks like clon) is the correct cord to use with the pearls.  Asking because you mentioned in the Inside/Out instructions to use wildfire or monofilament with pearls.  Thanks.

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      I think I see a sample above, done in something other than metallic…..
      But, have any of your students done this using silk or rayon or ???? before or am I going to be the “rogue” student and experiment. Still plan to use leather for stiff cord and not sure what beads.
      Shawnne Holmberg

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        I have used silk for this braid, it will just be softer and the ‘windows’ will not be as open.

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      I love this braid!

      I’ve seen it made with what I believe is ball chain in place of the pearls.  I may be wrong but I’d like to know if its possible to use a length of chain  instead of pearls and if so what is the best way to accomplish this.


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        If you want to use ball chain you would use it in place of the leather not the pearls.  The chain can not be used on the supplemental warps.

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      oimatsu with sodalite

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      oimatsu with pearls

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      Only once have I worked with metallics, a few years back. Do I untwist the fibers? I can’t tell from the pictures. Also, do I put two bundles on each tama for this braid?

      Thank you.

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        It is not necessary to untwist the metallic fibers.  I used 2 bundles (sections) of a 24 tama pack on each tama.  This is about 48 ends per tama.

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      I still have to finish the braid to make my necklace which should be about 20-21″ long.  I also braided the remaining fiber for a bracelet.  Now to view Adrienne’s video to finish off the braids.

      Adrienne, Thank you for an incredibly detailed class / video.  I love this braid!!

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      Adrienne, I’ve not encountered this problem before with Oimatsu, but my braid is not as consistently even as I would like. Thoughts on what I did wrong?  Thanks, Cherie

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