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      Hi Masumi,

      On page 5 of the instructions – it reads

      Step 1            Step 2            Step 4

      Should  Step 4 be            Step 3?

      Thank you

      Beth Hardy



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        Hello Beth,
        Thank you for your correcting the mistake.
        Masumi Tada

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      I’m looking forward to this class.  I have never used an octoplate and have some basic questions.  Do we need a counterweight?   Will we be using ez bobs or tama?  Thanks

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        Hello Michelle,

        Thank you for your question.

        Basically, we do not need a counter weight. Please hold the assembled part with your thumb and forefinger and pull it down a little bit to apply tension.

        When you make a long braid, you need to use EZ-bobs.

        I hope you enjoyed my workshop!

        Masumi Tada

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        Beth.  Love your braid.  What fibers are you using?

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        Hi Phyllis,  one day while I was running through wallymart, I grabbed a package of this thread. little did I know, it makes a very pretty braid….. very inexpensive too. Go Create Friendship Thread – in the kiddie section….with the large plastic beads


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        Thanks Beth.  Great find.

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        Gorgeous, Beth!

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        Thanks Carol, where are yours?????

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        Nice job, love your fiber.

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        Wow Beth! It looks very nice!!! Thank you for sharing me your beautiful work.

        By the way, I heard from Carol Benner that you did proof-watching the videos of my workshop. That is very kind of you.Thank you for your support.

        Masumi Tada

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        Hi Masumi,


        Very happy to help with videos. I would be happy to help out anytime with videos and testing of designs.

        Warmest regards,


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        You are so kind, Beth. Thank you very much indeed!!!
        Big hugs,


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        Thank you, Masumi.   I enjoyed your workshop tremendously.   I have watched the video again and am tether winding anda.   I’ve gotten to the point where I have to turn 180 degrees and will have to watch again.   The braid seems to be building above the octoplate.   I guess I must have to pull down harder.   Thank you again for the video and all the documentation.

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        Hi Michelle,
        Thank you too!!!
        Enjoy your winding anda!

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      Thank you, Masumi, for your wonderful presentation.  I am looking forward to working on these braids.

      Your demonstration was using yarn and not metallic.  I would love to see how the braid looks with the yarn as a comparison to the metallic if you would share with us.

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        Hello Phyllis,

        Thank you for participating in my workshop!!

        The photo shows Winding Anda using cotton yarn and metallic. Compared to cotton yarn, metallic is easier to adjust the strength of tension. In the case of textural braid, tightening strength is also an expression. Please enjoy your own textures.

        Hope to see your beautiful works.

        Masumi Tada

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        Thank you so much for sharing this photo comparison.  I hope to have my braids completed in time to share on this forum.

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      Thank you Masumi!

      Material used: 1mm satin cords

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      Thank you Masumi!

      Materials used: 1mm Chinese knotting cords

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        Hello Yin,
        Wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful works. They look gorgeous!!

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      Thanks Carol! Peace Cranes

      Hi Carol,
      I can’t wait for posting these peace cranes taught by you! Hope your class Forum will be available soon!
      Thank you!!!

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      Beautiful braids, Yin and Peace Cranes! Thanks for sharing. Carol

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      Winding Anda Bracelet
      Winding Anda Bracelet
      Material used:1mm satin cords

      Thank you Masumi! It has a lot of fun. I really enjoy your class!

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        Wow, it looks very nice!
        Thanks a lot, Yin.
        Having more fun, please!!

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      Thank you for the class..I am really enjoying working on the winding anda braid.  I had never worked on the octoplate before and wasn’t sure whether for the set up that the threads should be tied together in the center with a tight knot and if they had to be placed directly across from each other or placed randomly in the slots.

      My braid seems to be working out fine but the start doesn’t look great.  Or is it expected that the start might not look perfect?

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        Hello Jere,
        Thank you for your participating my class. Due to time constraint, my workshop on this time omitted the preparation of strands on the Octoplate.

        If you place the strands directly across from each other, the start look great. On the other hand, If you place the strands randomly in the slots, the start doesn’t look great. However, if you use clasp for accessary, it does not matter. This random setting method is explained in the books “Kumihimo Disc and Plate (page 35)” and “Kumihimo Disc and Plate 2 (page 5)”. If you do not have the books, I will send you the photo taken the pages.

        I hope you will find this reply useful. If not, please let me know.
        Thank you for your message.

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        Thank you Masumi…I do not have either of the books so if you can send a photo of the set up, I would appreciate it. Do those books also show how to end a braid (if you are not using with a jewelry clasp)? If so, I will definitely buy one!



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        Hi Jere,

        No problem. I can send the photo of the set up. However, those books also show hot to end a braid. So I recommend you to buy the books.

        While waiting for the book to arrive, I’ll send you the photo if you need. In that case, if you don’t mind, please tell me your email address.

        Best regards,


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        Hi Masumi:

        Thank you for your offer but I have arranged to borrow both books from a friend and then will decide which one(s) to buy for myself.

        I will post photos once my trial braids are finished.




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        Great Jere!!!
        Looking forwards to your trial braids.

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        Hi Masumi:

        I have now looked at both of the books and there are a lot of great braids in both books.  I have watched Makiko’s video on the Exhibition that she had worked on in Japan. In the section about Modern Kumihimo, the very 1st image is of a Zig Zag circular spiral braid…I looked in both of the books you referred me to and could not find how to make that braid. Does that exist in any of Makiko’s books?



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        Hello Jere,
        I am not sure. I think the braid must be a variation of Zig Zag she created. Please ask her directly via her forum page :))

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        Thank you Masumi. I have checked with Makiko and she confirmed it was a zig zag braid.


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      Winding Anda, used 2 strands of Habu Textiles, silk wrapped stainless steal.

      This thread was too fine for learning this braid, so I would not recommend!  The braid is about 1/2 inch wide.

      I had a couple comments that might help others in making this braid:

      • I was surprised it was more comfortable and faster to hold braid/plate with right hand and manage thread/bobbins with left hand, especially because I am right handed.  This is the opposite of what I would have expected.  Curious if others are using their non-dominant hand to move thread/tamas.
      • You have to braid a bit before you start seeing how the braid orientation changes.  I developed a simple rule to decide which repeat I was on (assuming 4 repeats: 2 repeats, rotate 180, 2 repeats), let’s call them repeats A-D.  If the braid was hanging straight down, perpendicular to the plate, then you just finished the 1st repeat of that orientation (so A or C), so you should do 1 more repeat before rotating 180.  If the braid was at an angle, you should rotate the card so the braid is pointing to the left, before you start your 1st repeat at this orientation.

      Clear as mud?

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        Hello Karen,
        You found your own way to make beautiful braids. What’s a nice!
        It is good for me to know your couple comments that might help others in making Winding Anda.
        Thank you very much.

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        Karen, is this fiber bendable like wire? Is this your first time working with the wire bobbins? Are they easier than ezbobbins?



        Beth Hardy

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        This is more like thread.  It is stainless steel wrapped with silk.  Most people use to knit lace and the end product is moldable.  I found that my braid was stiff and could be shaped a bit, but I think I should have used 5-20 strands per bobbin to really have something that was closer to wire.

        I did like the wire bobbins.  I felt they hung straight and did not get twisted up with each other as much as bobbins.

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      Hi Masumi,
      I have so much fun to create this Halloween theme Bats necklace. The technique used is the basic Anda Gumi taught by you. Also, I have been inspired by the Makiko’s book, the Comprehensive Treatise Braids VI: Kuminhimo Disk & Plate which I bought from the Kumihimoresource.com
      Thank you!

      18″ necklace
      Material used:
      1mm satin cords
      2x3mm crystal and a 14mm shell pearl

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        Hi Yin,
        Great to hear from you! Thanks a lot.
        Your Halloween theme Bats necklace is very wonderful !!!
        Big hugs,

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      Hi Masumi,  I’ve been working on the Winding Sasanami and have finally figured it out.  Is there a special method to use to end the braid and bind it off securely?   Thank you again for your excellent videos and instructions.  

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        Wow, Michelle. It is very happy to hear from you that you could create the Winding Sasanami. It looks very nice!!! Thanks for sharing it with me.

        Regarding your question, after production, do you have any purpose for what you use it for? The books “Kumihimo Disc and Plate (page 5)” and “Kumihimo Disc and Plate 2 (page 6)” explain how to finish. If you have them, please check the pages. If you do not have them, I can send you the photos taken the pages. Please let me know your email if so.

        I hope you will find this reply useful.
        Again, thanks a lot!!!

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      This is my way of binding the end of the Sasanami braid. Hope it helps.

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        Great thanks Yin! It is very helpful.

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      Yin was kind enough to share her method of binding off.    Thank you, Yin.    I don’t have the books that you cited, Masumi.  If there is something different there, I would love to see it.   My email is [email protected].   This forum has really been helpful for me.   Thank you, everyone, for posting.

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        No problem, Michelle. I will send the PDF taken the page via Email.
        Thanks a lot,

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      Masumi’s Braids!
      Winding Anda – 2 bundles Japanee metallic in each slit
      Winding Sasanami – 1 bundle Japanese metallic in each slit
      Mixture Anda + Sasanami Variation – Hand warped vintage metallic fine yarn from Blue Heron Yarns — about 30 ends

      I have to figure out the right amount of fiber for a necklace. Winding Anda turned out a little big for necklace (it makes a beautiful flower!). One bundle is perfect for a bracelet.

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      Wow Coral! Great braids, nice tension! Love the rose!

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      My Mixture of Anda & Sasanami Necklace, it came out very good, although the braid didn’t look like butterflies as Masumi’s.
      Thank you Masumi!

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        Thanks Yin! It looks so beautiful!!!
        If you add 180 degree rotations, the braid would look like butterflies :))

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        It’s a lovely braid Yin, very rhythmic.

        Beth Hardy

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      Thank you Masumi! It’s valuable tip! I will try it today.

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      Anda Sasanami Mix

      10 Sections – 24 Tama – Pastel Silver  – Folded in half – 29 Inches Total

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      Thank you! Thank you Masumi! I am so happy I made it! The mixture Anda & Sasanami butterfly necklace! Although your texture of butterfly braid is much more softer than mine. The one reason, I think that I have used the different fabric material.

      Thanks again for the valuable tip!

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      Thanks Beth! Your mixture Anda & Sasanami necklace is lovely!

      • #18150

        Hi Beth,
        Hi Yin,
        You both made lovely necklaces. I am so happy to see them. Thanks a lot!!!

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      Trying out different angles and repeats. I used the acrylic yarn from the Iga braiding conference. I can see from other braiders’ examples, there’s a lot of potential for this braid.

      • #18182

        Great try, Rosalie!
        I’m also glad you found that this blade has a lot of potential.
        Thank you!!

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