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    Please Use This Class Forum to Share with Virtual Gathering Attendees and Instructor on “Edo Yatsu Spiral & Stripes” with Rosalie Nielsen.

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      When giving the slide presentation, I got the idea to try switching the zig zag from silk to the metallic. The metallic is 24 tama weight, and the silk which is 8 tama weight. When the metallic side shows, the braid appears flat. When the silk side shows, the braid is poofy. I did 8 repeats of each style. Then I tried 4 repeats, then 2 repeats … I didn’t like either one, so am unbraiding back to the 8 repeats as my base and will try another experiment. One thing about kumihimo, learning to “unbraid” is as essential as braiding !  Rosalie


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      Some of you asked about purchasing Rosalie’s book, The Twenty-four Interlacements of Edo Yatsu Gumi
      •Send Rosalie an email – [email protected]
      •$20 via check or PayPal

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      Correction on Spirals & Stripes Instructions Page 4. On the red/yellow braid on the left it should say: Edo Yatsu Gumi – 3X – Z Stripe.

      I will advise here when the corrected instructions are available under the October 3 class listing, Edo Yatsu Spiral Class.

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        The revised instructions are available for download from the class page, Spirals and Stripes available on the 10/3 Virtual Gathering tab.


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      Rosalie will have a Q&A session on Edo Yatsu Spirals on October 10 at 6:00 eastern.  If you have questions, please post them here to facilitate the best use of Rosalie’s time. Please indicate if it is a Q&A question.

      •During the Q&A, could you briefly describe how you manipulate work on the marudai to create the split tails on the looped piece? (Red and white) I understand you’re only using some of the tama, but how do you arrange and weight the braid to work this smoothly? (note: Rosalie had pictures of various braids at the end of the presentation and this braid was included.

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      ,can you please explain what in your book you mean braid 14 is bead 5a and 5b or braid 12is 5a and 3b . i do not see any notations as to what braids numbers( such as 3a or 4aor 5b) are listed and also what is non prime reversal?

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        I think Rosalie is giving the # of colors for each braid.  So braid 14 has 5A and 3B which means there are 5 tama in color A and 3 tama in color B.  The numbers should always add up to 8.  She mentions this so if you warp 5A and 3B you know you could do braids 6, 8, 11, 12, 14, 18, 19 & 21 with the same warp.  I think this would help you play with morphing from one braid to another, by easily finding the braids that fit the warping plan.

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      omg thanks so much



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      Since I was using the same silk set-up as F-Fret & Flowers to conserve time and materials, these samples are a bit shorter than would maybe be ideal. I think it’s interesting how the Edo-Yatsu x 3 (Yatsu Oimatsu) just makes a thicker spiral stripe than Edo-Yatsu x 1.

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      Here’s my braid.  I did edo yatsu 1 time both s and z, then 2x s an z, then 3 times s and z and finished with 1 time, changing randomly between s and z.  I kept track of each movement on a sheet of paper as Rosalie suggested and it really helped me to keep track of where I was in the braiding process!Edo yatsu spirals

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      A little of this braid and a little of that braid. F-Fret to Flowers along with Spirals and Stripes by Rosalie Neilson. Then I added in the center two of the braids from Transitions in Kumihimo by Carolyn Oliver Haushalter. I used the full length of the precut Japanese silk and will use this sampler when Adrienne Gaskell shows us all how to make a necklace on the October 10 Zoom Happy Hour.

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      I am using cotton to practice these braids and have found Rosalie’s “silk standard” chart very helpful.

      Under Crochet and Embroidery threads, it lists Crochet Cotton 70 and Crochet Cotton 30…wondering Rosalie whether you have looked at Crochet Cotton 10 and how many ends would be needed for 8 tama and 16 tama.

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      I really enjoyed working on this sample braid. Thank you Rosalie for the information on using Crochet Cotton  10…this was done using DMC Perle 8 ..I used 12 ends instead of 16 but the thickness is fine.

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        Hi Jere … isn’t it fun to see the pattern change without having to do anything to alter the layout?

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