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    Please Use This Class Forum to Share with Virtual Gathering Attendees and Instructor on “From Takadai – Octo Plate Class” with Giovanna Imperia.

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      Hi Giovanna:

      In class, could you please go over how to make a flower on the octo plate?

      Thanks so much.


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        Debbie, None of the Virtual Gathering classes will be teaching Makiko’s flower.

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      Sorry, this class does not cover how to make flowers on the Octo Plate.  Different types of braids

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      Thank you.


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      Link to video: Fusing Thermoplastic by Giovanna.


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      When you wrapped the bundle around the pegs, how far apart were they?  Does the distance vary to the length of the braid?

      Loving the retreat!




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      If you guys need more O rings for the bobbins, you can find them on Amazon.  Measure the diameter of the indentation on the top of the bobbin.  Here is what I got for mine

      ZXUEZHENG 150 Pack Elasticity Silicone Soft Stitch Ring Markers for Knitting Crochet Etc, (Small Size for Needle Sizes 0-8, Orange, Yellow, Green)

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      Yes, you determine the distance between the two pegs based on the length of your expected braid + take up.  Please check the last page of the handout where I talk about take up

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      Hi Giovanna.  Thank you for creating this interesting project.  I have never used a takadai before so this is my first venture into takadai braids.  I am having difficulty keeping track of which tama is which and have created a mess twice and had to redo the set up.  I thin my ‘manual dexterity’ is lacking!  So…..for better or worse I decided to innovate.  I made what I believe is called a sword and use it to create a space to slide the bobbin through  I have tightened the best I can.  Before I continue on please let me know if the set up/point of braiding looks correct.  Thank you!

      (I think I may have had an easier time on the baby takadai!)

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      Phyllis, it is easier to move the bobbins if you have worked on the Karakumidai or have done bobbin lace as the hand movements are similar. But do not dispare if you have not.

      The nice thing about these bobbins is that they are long and I can easily move them from one finger to the other.  So, I pick up the working bundle, I move it to my middle finger. Then my thumb and index finger can lift the appropriate bundles.  I use my middle finger to push through the space I have created.

      Of course a pic up stick or sword can work as you found out.  But my idea was to make the whole thing very portable with as few pieces to keep track of.

      The point of braiding looks good.  Remember that it will take a bit before the two sides come together

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      Hi, Giovanna.  Thanks for this new adventure.  Can you tell me how wide your clasp is on the white bracelet?

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      Also, with the thermoplastic being light weight do you recommend the acrylic clasp or does the metal clasp work ok?

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      I really enjoyed working with the thermoplastic fiber and creating these bracelets. The fusing was super fun. Looking forward to future projects.

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      Melodie, sorry for the slow response.  In the meantime it looks like you found the solution.  Most of my clasps are roughly 1” or so.  Wider for woven pieces.  I really like the metal clasps and so do my customers.  I often make bracelets to fit snugly around the wrist.  So the weight of the clasp is not that critical.  Acrylic clasps do work of course.  Just a matter of preference

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      Vikki, beautiful pieces.  Great job

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      Hi Giovanna:

      Loved your class and have done several different braid trials. I made the 3×3 twill into a double layer cuff…I fused  the 2 pieces together which wasn’t easy.. the fusing isn’t perfect but I think with more opportunity to experiment, it can be improved.



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      I had to try the Anda braid in wire…used 32gauge 3 ply of copper wire

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      Jere, I really like both your pieces.  Great work.  By the way, if you don’t like the joint edges on your double band, you can add some decorative stitching

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      Giovanna, in watching your video, specifically Andi Gumi, as you braided you needed to reseat the bundles to the starting point and you were pulling opposite bundles at the same time. Does it make sense to do both actions when you are returning bundles to the starting point? I hope this makes sense.

      Thanks, Cherie

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      Another wire version….32 gauge copper wire 2 ply using the Tsune Gumi (3×3 twill) and 2 colors of wire. 

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