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      Here is how I do the 7-strand braid on the Marudai.

      7-Strand template for Marudai

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        Good idea.

        The setting and braiding sequence will be same on Marudai for 7 strand.

        Thanks for your creative idea.

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      Thanks so much for this!

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      Dear Yin: On page 5 of the instructions I started the braid by moving the cords for exactly 7 movements. I confirmed the bicone beads are located at slot #8. On page 7 of the instructions it shows the 8th turn is to move #8 cord to slot #1. I am finding the open slot is #7 not #1.
      What am I not understanding? Thank you.

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        I found the same problem and tried it numerous times with same thing.

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        Joan and Janet:

        You both are correct. There was an error in my instruction sheet.

        The cord #1 at slot #8 should go to #7 which is open now.
        I will update my instruction to reflect this change.

        Thank you for your comments.

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      The class was wonderful and I finally understood how the lay out worked and have picked a few beads to make my own focal section.

      Love your designs on etsy.


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        Hi Amanda,
        Glad you understand how to use the focal section template. Looking forward to see your creation.

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