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    Please Use This Class Forum to Share with Virtual Gathering Attendees  on“Inside Out” with Adrienne Gaskell.

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      I have a bead question. How many inches of beads should be loaded to result in the 9” focal section?  Thanks.

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      Although I have never braided on a marudai, I want you to know how clear your instructions were in the class yesterday.  I am taking the marudai instructions on the AKS website and someday hope to make a necklace as beautiful as these and the ones shown yesterday.

      Amanda Ramaswami

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        Amanda, Thank you so much.  It is really good to hear as it is very important to me to write easy yet detailed instructions.  Good luck on your marudai journey, it will open up a world of new possibilities.

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      Thank you for an inspiring class. I am a beginner in comparison to all of you. Today, I have been learning Kwari edo yatsu. Next, I will work on Edo yatsu by itself.  Then maybe I can put them together.Kwari Edo Yatsu

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      Inside Out Edo Yatsu possibilitiesThese are the materials I’d like to work with this time!  The center fiber is wrapped silk from Nishijin mills in Kyoto (1970 inventory) and I’m going to try warping it today.  I’ll let you know how I make out.  Sherri also bought some of this inventory at Convergence 2018 and had some problems with it.  I’m wondering if it’s too old?  What could it be used for if it can’t be warped?

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        Diana, wow, aren’t you ambitious.  Three projects already planned.  I have not used that wrapped silk before.  The green and blue metallics will work well.

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      The video and instructions will be ready today? Very happy with the gathering, thank you

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      Here is a photo of the famous (infamous?) gluing station.  Don’t be afraid to work with two part epoxy. Link to detailed instructions:

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      I have a “stash” of imposter.   Would that work with this design?

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        Michelle, Absolutely!  This project works well with silk so imposter would work the same and is possibly even a better choice since you will be essentially covering up most of it.

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      In the picture on the bottom left of page 7, it looks as though there are two sets of binding cords.   Should we bind 2x?    Thanks.

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      My notes are a little confused.  Should the “big bead” cords be in the clockwise or counterclockwise position?  I remember from Boot Camp class that the CCW cords are more visible, but am I remembering correctly that for this project, the smaller beads in CCW position help anchor the larger beads?

      Also, in looking at your project with the turquoise chips, are those cords solid chips or do you have seed beads between sections?  I guess all of this could be answered in Q&A tomorrow.

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      For Q&A tomorrow. I am still uncertain with how to transition back out from the beaded section. Mine were a bit funky – So if we could review that important aspect I would welcome the insight. Thanks


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      I’m still a Kumi novice so this project felt a little like climbing a big hill….and I made a sample I learned a lot from!  Thank you, love this technique.

      1) on your the turquoise necklace photo, are the chips edge or center drilled?  How many of the 8 cords/wire are loaded with the turquoise chips?

      2) will your end of braid finishing method (binding, fray check) also work on imposter?

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      These are my 8 “beaded” cords which will eventually go on the outside of Kawari Edo Yatsu. Each is a Maru Yotsu braid … 4 element braid. The green is 16 Tama silk, the purple 24 Tama silk …I used a spot of purple in the green braid and a green spot in the purple braid. The spots were double strands of the silk to represent a larger bead. I’m challenged to work the Kawari Edo Yatsu as the Flower Braid … Purple flowers leading into the Outside Edo Yatsu, and Green Flowers for the covered braid. The leader cords, which will be half hitched to my bead cords, will be several strands of silk to match their partners. I hope to have this braid complete sometime next week, and will post again.

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      I’m just getting started on my necklace today.  I have a question about the placement of the bead cords.  My notes said to put the cords with larger beads in the clockwise direction, so that they get locked down by the lighter cords, but the figure on p. 4 seems to show the opposite.  Is there a mistake in the figure or am I not understanding something?

      If this was covered in the Q&A, I can’t find any videos from the Q&A on the website.

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      Used the flower braid for Kawari Edo Yatsu (2x Edo Yatsu Gumi) and covered it with the eight tiny 4-element round braids. Because I wasn’t sure what the take-up would be, I made the Maru Yotsu tiny braids 20 inches long. The covered section is 13″ long … the final necklace is 33″ long … so I have a both a belt as well as a long necklace!

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      On Tuesday, November 10th, I posted my finished project photos in three different Forums. Today, I logged into those Forums to see responses, but my posts are not there. What happened?


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        Carol, we had a website issue and had to reinstall with a backup. I’m afraid your pictures were probably uploaded during that in between period. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I know it takes time to add your pictures.  Cherie

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      Randy! Most beautiful braid.

      That is all.

      Beth Hardy

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