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    I put on a 104″ warp! I wanted to play! Finished with 50″…….lots of PLAYING!
    I I used a navy tencel and a varigated turquoise tencel at 7-9 epb.
    Then I used a soft purple silk thread(Lyra) at 5-7epb. After braiding a couple of inches reduced the purple to 3epb.
    Did a lot of color switching and rotating the stand.
    When I got to Windows 2 , found that the tencel,used as the window, overpowered the purple inside.
    The last 10-15″(bottom of photo) I went back to Windows 1 and did a lot of quick color switches.

    Two color Edo Yatsu came to me in a glass of sake!!! Later!

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      Thank you, Lucionne!
      Your free changing are very nice!
      Very attractive!

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