Zoom: How to switch between Gallery View and Speaker View on a Windows computer

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    To better assist you in viewing the Speaker of each class please read these instructions for setting your Zoom screen:

    When you are in a Zoom meeting, there are two ways to view the Zoom Video Class: Speaker View and Gallery View.

    In speaker view, the person who is speaking will be large window on your screen, and the other participants will be in smaller windows off to the side.

    In Gallery View, you will see multiple Windows, all the same size, with the video of all participants. (If all participants will not fit on a single screen, you may need to pageover to see all of them.)

    How to switch to Speaker View on a Windows computer

    •Press the Alt key or click your mouse anywhere in the meeting window to display the controls.

    •If you are in Gallery View, in the upper right you will see an icon of a white square with three small dots above it and the words “Speaker View.” This means that your are in Gallery View.

    •Click the SPEAKER icon and you will be changed to Speaker View

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