Hira-genji Leather Bracelet

– with Bob Galivan

Leather is an unusual medium for kumihimo braids, but following the theory “if it bends, it braids”; this clever bracelet is made using 1 mm thin leather strands to create an easy to make pattern on the round foam disc. The primary braid is Hira-genji, a flat kumihimo braid that is adaptable as to width — you can make it wider or narrower as you choose to suit your subject. The variation in thickness of this type of leather introduces some interesting asymmetry into the design.

Students will learn how to make this bracelet using 16-24 strands of 1 mm leather. It is braided on the round foam disc, using the traditional Hira-genji kumihimo braid. Learn the technique of starting and ending “in the round”; to allow for attachment of a clasp, and switching from a round braid to flat for the body of the bracelet.

  • B180828
  • Instructor: Bob Galivan
  • Class Type: General
  • Date: Wed. June 6
  • Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm (3 hours)
  • Skill Level: All levels
  • Maximum Class Size: 12
  • Class Fee : $124.00
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