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AKS Techniques and Tutorials are designed to give our members quick bites of information about various braiding topics. At this time Rosalie Neilson brings her wealth of experience in silk management. While Giovanna Imperia uses the baby takadai to show takadai braiding from prep to braiding various weaves. Over time AKS intends to expand the knowledge offered in Techniques and Tutorials.

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Why to Use Fiber on Cones

Using fiber on cones greatly expands your braiding. Why to Use Fiber on Cones

Measuring Warp From Cone

Giovanna Imperia demonstrates how to wind the fiber from a cone onto the warping pegs ensuring you have the correct number of fibers in your bundle.

About Bobbins

Learn about bobbins and appropriate weights in this discussion led by Giovanna Imperia.

How to Determine the Size of a Bundle

Giovanna Imperia uses her "butterfly technique" to determine how many strands of fiber should be in each bundle for braiding.

Preparing the Warp to be Removed from the Warping Pegs

This video by Giovanna Imperia ensures that Baby Takadai users know how to safely remove the warp from the warping pegs.

Connecting Warp to Baby Takadai

Giovanna Imperia walks through the process of attaching your warp or bundle of fibers to the Baby Takadai in preparation for braiding.

Connecting Warp to Bobbins

This video by Giovanna Imperia contains the explanation of how to attach the bobbins to the fiber bundles on the Baby Takadai

Setting Up the Wound Bobbins on the Baby Takadai

Now that the wound bundles are on the Baby Takadai Giovanna Imperia explains the proper length for each bundle.

Anda Gumi

Giovanna Imperia shows how to create an Anda Gumi or 1-1 braid in this video.

2-2 Twill

In this video Giovanna Imperia demonstrates doing the 2-2 twill on the Baby Takadai.

3-3 Twill

Giovanna Imperia demonstrates how to complete a 3-3 twill on the Baby Takadai

Fusing Thermoplastic

Giovanna Imperia shows how she does the magic of fusing the thermoplastic braids she completed on the Baby Takadai

Leader Cords – Making and Securing to Tama

Rosalie Neilson’s video tutorial provides you with step by step instruction for making leader cords including length and type of cord to use. She also shares her trick for securing the leader to the tama.

Unbundling & Putting Silk on Marudai

In this video Rosalie Nielson reviews how silk is bundled, then unbundled and how to attach the bundle of silk to the marudai.

Silk – Blending and Combining Ropes of Silk

Rosalie demonstrates how to work two cords of silk and blending them into a single element plus how to handle silk in preparation for placing on the tama.

Leader Cords – Attaching Leader Cords to Silk

A brief video demonstrating how to attach the leader cord to the silk using a weaver's knot.

Silk – Winding Silk on Tama

Rosalie demonstrates how to smoothly wind the silk on the tama finishing with a slipping hitch knot. The slipping hitch allows the tama to be easily rolled down so additional silk is available for braiding.

Cinch Knot – Making a Stop Knot

The Cinch or Stop Knot used to secure a point of interlacement is the subject of this video. Rosalie demonstrates how to tie the knot on a marudai leg.

Tassels – Classic Finish for your Braids

Rosalie Neilson’s instructive video will demonstrate a simple and effective way to finish your silk braids with a decorative tassel. The only tool you need is a darning needle.