Diana Miglionico-Shiraishi

Diana Miglionico-Shiraishi

El Dorado Hills, California, USA

Diana Miglionico-Shiraishi began her creative life as a floral designer for her mother’s flower shop. Just as in floral design Diana uses balance, movement, proportion, contrast, unity, texture and harmony in her kumihimo designs.

Diana’s life has given her an awareness of the contentment creativity can bring and enjoys learning new forms of creative expression whether it’s through travel, cooking, gardening, family or kumihimo.

Diana’s travels to Japan, where she discovered many Japanese handicrafts, inspired her to delve into kumihimo, ‘the gathering of threads’ that so clearly brings all her skills together through this ancient braiding technique.

Diana’s Jasmine Tea Designs fulfills her vision for an intimate boutique of ideas and products to help you to do the same.

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