The American Kumihimo Society and the Braid Society are planning the Sixth International Braiding and Narrow Weaves Conference titled “Braids 2025: Rocking Braids and Bands”.

The conference will be held June 15-21, 2025 at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland,Ohio. This conference follows five successful conferences which featured great teachers from around the world — from Japan, to India, the US, Canada, South America and many European countries.

We have been extremely fortunate to secure this location. Cleveland is located on the beautiful Lake Erie and has a very active textile community. The University we selected is very well situated in the city: it is within walking distance of major museums, as well as many restaurants and other attractions — such as the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Cleveland is also within a day’s driving distance of approximately 60% of the USA’s population.

Braids 2025 plans to showcase the talent and expertise of teachers in a variety of braiding and narrow weaves areas. The conference will also be a great opportunity for those interested in these areas to meet like-minded people from all over the world. As with the previous conferences, we will publish the Proceedings book which will include articles from all teachers and presenters.

We plan to focus our conference in the following areas:

Braiding (all techniques)

– Tablet weaving

– Band weaving (all techniques)

– Sprang

– Passementerie

We are also considering a “sprinkling” of related techniques such as bobbin lace, tassel making, and other unique/lesser-known narrow weave techniques. We welcome innovative approaches, topics, and the use of non-traditional materials.

We are looking for a range of formats: from lectures/presentations, to one or two day hands-on workshops. We hope that you will want to be part of this unique opportunity by submitting proposals. Please consider submitting proposals for more than one workshop/seminar, if possible.

If you have never participated in our conferences, please be aware that, unlike other conferences you may be familiar with in the US, our conferences are set up principally as an educational forum. This means that we expect instructors and students to be active participants. Therefore, if selected, you will be expected to teach for no more than two days and participate in the conference during the reminder of the time by signing up for workshops. For this reason, you will be expected to register for the conference. The conference registration fee covers the workshops you will attend, meals (breakfast and lunch), conference banquet, on-campus housing, and a copy of the Proceedings.

AKS and the Braid Society are small non-profit organizations with limited financial resources. Our membership fees are spent on our publications, Strands and Gathering Threads, online classes and events in the US and Europe. With that in mind, we will be able to offer a compensation of $500/per teaching day which we will apply against the conference registration fee payable.

The following example may clarify the compensation scheme we are using:

– Registration fee: $1200

– Classes taught: 2 one-day

– Teaching compensation: $500 x 2 = $1,000

– Registration – Compensation = what you still would owe: $1200-$1,000 = $200

At this time we are not in a position to cover your travel expenses. However, we do offer a limited number of travel grants and we will encourage you to apply for them when they will become available.

Lastly, we are planning to have two vendors events (one table will be provided free of charge to instructors) where you will be able to sell your work, or supplies/kits or books you may have. You will also be able to sell the same during your classes. Books that are sold by Barnes&Noble — which runs the University bookstore — will not be eligible to be sold by instructors, but they will be sold at the vendors event by B&N.

As you think about potential proposals, it is worth remembering that most attendees will be experienced braiders and weavers. We tend to offer advanced or specialized topics. However, you are welcome to propose more introductory classes, and classes that can cater to mixed levels of skills.

If your proposal is accepted, you will receive a contract from us. As part of the contract, you will be required to submit an article for publication in the conference Proceedings.

This is a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge and meet other braiders in an environment that will encourage collaboration and innovation. We sincerely hope that you will be able to submit a proposal to teach at this event. Please click on and complete the form.

Proposals due October 13, 2023


  • You can register two classes in the below RFP Form.
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  • Be sure to scroll to the bottom and click on the Create Your RFP button for submission.)

Questions: contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Technical issues: contact [email protected]