Adding a Button to a Post or Page.
Use the ADD SHORTCODE icon above.
First, place the cursor where you want to add the button.
[formidable id=”34″ description=”1″]
Click on Add Shortcode which brings up a form wizard to fill out.
In the form:
The Button form is the first one (see left side bar) so it should come up automatically.
1. Color – choose your button color (i.e. purple)
2. Text – type in the text to appear on your button
3. Link – type or paste in the URL link info
Create a new Post for the form. Put the form shortcode in the editor area.
Use that URL for the button.
4. Size – leave at Default unless you prefer something different. You can change and test to decide what you like best for that application.
5. Target – usually a New Window is preferred
6. Block Display – false. Block display ‘true’ means it will go completely across the page from left to right margin.
[INSERT SHORTCODE]  (lower right corner)