The AKS Resource page provides a list of businesses owned by AKS members that sell braiding equipment, materials, and books.

Company Country Traditional Equipment Disk & Plate Equipment Fibers & Braiding Materials Findings & Clasps Kumihimo Kits & Tutorials Books & DVD’s
Ancient Moon Beads USA     X X X  
Artisan Art FR X         X
Berlin Braids Can X X     X X
BraidersHand USA X X X X   X
Compliments By Design USA   X     X X
Design & Adorn USA   X   X X X
Jasmine Tea Designs USA   X   X X X
Kumihimo Resource USA   X X X X X
Orion’s Plumage USA           X
SulisDesigns UK    X     X  

The American Kumihimo Society does not necessarily recommend the individuals or businesses listed here.