Spirals and Stripes: The Meandering Pathways of Edo Yatsu Gumi (M)

Instructor: Rosalie Neilson

The patterns of 8-element Edo Yatsu Gumi, when worked with two colors, are like rivulets that flow along the length of the braid. Learn the layout for a spiraling stripe. See how it can be as regular as a barber pole or zig and zag along the braid.  It can also form straight pathways or veer into ever widening spirals. Learn how one color layout can navigate all these different pathways. Workshop focus is on learning how to make the braid. Use your preferred method for set-up and finishing.

Kit: No kit, a supply list will be provided.

Equipment: Marudai, 8 Tama, counterweight bag (approximately 45% of the 8 Tama total weight)

Recommended Resource: The Twenty-Four Interlacements of Edo Yatsu Gumi by Rosalie Neilson

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