Three Braids – Three Bracelets (N)

Instructor: Katherine Buenger

Using tin thread, a fine wire made of pewter and 4% silver that is wrapped around a fiber core, you will learn three very different looking braids. A four strand round braid, a simple 6 strand braid and a lovely 7 strand braid with a twist running down the center of it. Braids will be finished with a glue-in silver plated magnetic clasp.

Bracelet Kit: $55 includes shipping, USA only
Necklace Kit: $102 includes shipping, USA only
Kit contents: Written instructions, 3 silver plated magnetic clasps, and .40mm tin thread; bracelet: 17 strands @ 22”, or necklace: 17 strands @ 50” .

Skill Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: None