How to turn Closed Captioning on or off by device

NOTE: Closed Captioning is also called subtitles or live transcript.

Windows/Mac OS

Click on “Live Transcript” CC button on menu bar on bottom of screen.  You may need to move the mouse for the menu to appear.
To see closed captioning – select “Show subtitles”.
To hide closed captioning – select “Hide subtitles”.

If you do not see the “Live Transcript” button, your screen may not be wide enough to show all the buttons.  Go to the “More…” button and select “Live Transcript”.

iPad, iPhone

  • Go to “….More” menu
  • Click on “Meeting Settings”
  • “Closed Captioning” toggle green for on, and grey for off

Android phone, tablet

  • You need to turn off CC BEFORE you join meeting in Zoom application settings
  • Open Zoom
  • Click on gear icon to open settings:
  • Click on “Meeting Settings”
  • Toggle “Closed Captioning” on (green) or off

Zoom Recording with Closed Captioning

If you would like to watch the Zoom recording with closed captioning please contact the Virtual Gathering Team and you will be provided with a link to the Closed Captioning version. The recording that will be posted on the AKS Virtual Gathering website will not have Closed Captioning.