Program by Class Number

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1D1 Jennifer Williams – Aso-Oke Nigerian Inspired Inkle Bands
1D2 Terry Flynn – Andean Headbands on the Takadai
1D3  Jean Leader – Sling Braids
1D4 John Mullarkey – Warping Unusual Yarns
1D5 Carolyn Oliver Haushalter – Ju-Yon
1D6 Adrienne Gaskell – Beaded Fob Necklace
1D7 Katoko Kitade – How to End Cords
1D8 Elliott Evans – Odd Braids for the Marudai
1D9 Laura Thode – Possibilities of Passementerie
1D10 Terry Flynn – Designing Cloth and Accessories with Braids
1D11 Jean Leader – Cross Warp Braids
1D12 John Mullarkey – Design Your Own Band
1D13 Carolyn Oliver Haushalter – Seamless Transitions
1D14 Adrienne Gaskell – Asatsuyu Gumi
1D15 Katoko Kitade – 3D Necklace
1D16 Mari Voipio – Pattern Heddles and What You Can Do with Yours
1D17 Ziggy Rytka – Lucet, from Vikings to Victorians, A Passion Part 1
1D18 Jennifer Williams – Mapuche Inspired Band Weaving on a Frame Loom
1D19 Lyn Christiansen – Thinking Out of The Box
1D20 Carol James – Exploring Interlacing
1D21 Yuko Yoshida – Leaf Design on Takadai
1D22 Bob Galivan – Andean Braids Boot Camp
1D23 Katherine Buenger – Tin Thread Necklace and Bracelet with Beads
1D24 Yuko Suzuoki – Transformable Kumihimo Accessories
1D25 Annie McHale – Three Color Pickup
1D26 Claire Cassan – Temari Balls Design
1D27 Lyn Christiansen – Fancy Tassels
1D28 Carol James – Advanced Interlacing Exploration
1D29 Yuko Yoshida – Leaf Design on Marudai
1D30 Bob Galivan – Anda Gumi with Beads
1D31 Katherine Buenger – Double Wrap Necklace and Bracelet
1D32 Ikuyo Nishi – Sippo Lace and Forked and Sasanami
2D1 Michael Hattori – Ayatakedai
2D2 Gil Dye – Have Bobbins Will Braid
2D3 Julie Hedges – Ply Split Braiding in Two or Three Planes to Make Twisted Braids
2D4 John Whitley – Techniques for Wide Takadai Braids
2D5 Joy Boutrup – European Loop Braiding
2D6 Rosalie Neilson – Kongoh as Influencer of Naiki
2D7 Ingrid Crickmore – Tubular Finger-held Loop Braids
2D8 Jacqui Carey – Kute-uchi Kikko
2D9 Errol Nelson Pires – Seamless Sling Bag
2D10 Barbara Walker – Ply Split Embellishments for the Takadai
2D11 Sarah Goslee – Digging Into Diagonals