Braids 2025 Techniques – Ply Splitting Braids

Ply-Split Braiding in Two or Three Planes to Make Twisted Traids


Julie Hedges

Description:  Making chevrons braids in ply-splitting is quite traditional, but by intersecting two or three chevron braids together as they are worked, you can make interesting 3-dimensional shapes. These twisted braids with fins, blades or ridges, can be braided to make flower shapes, sea creatures and red peppers or extended to make neckpieces.

Day one. Learn how to work from a single chevron braid (one plane) intersecting a second braid (two planes) and adding in a third braid (three planes)

Day two: Develop the method learned on day one to make either a sculptural piece or a neckpiece.

Experience:  For those with some experience of ply split braiding.


Tonal Planes                                                   Planes Earrings

PS in Three Planes Peppers

Materials:  3 – 5 mm gripfids. Some yarn/cords. Details to group when signed up. Cord winder, optional.

Instructor will supply:   Cords for use on day one. Gripfids for sale. Cord Winder for class use. 

Materials fee: $15. To be confirmed

Seamless Sling Bag


Erroll Nelson Pires

Description:  Several ply-split braiding techniques will be used to make a seamless sling bag including Plain Oblique Twining (POT), Twined Linking and Pot Holes. The work will start with the construction of the shoulder strap. Once the length of strap is established, cords (which would make compartment of the sling pouch) will be added. They are introduced without using a knot. Once the desired number of cords are added for both sides, the bag will be worked until the desired length and is closed at the end with tiny braids. A binding cord is added to secure both sides.

Experience:  Open to all.


Seamless Sling Bag 1                          Seamless Sling Bag 2


Seamless Sling Bag 3                          Seamless Sling Bag 4

Materials:   Scissors, notebook, the cords can be worked with fingers so no gripfid is required.

Instructor will supply:   2 Ply dyed cotton cords will be provided to the participants. (assorted colours will be available )

Materials fee: $25

How to End Cords


Katoko Kitade 

Description: In this workshop, you will learn how to finish used cords when you make a small mat. This method can also be applied to baskets, tapestries, etc.  You will start by making a small mat and then create the end of the cords.

Experience: Experienced with ply split braiding


Ply Split Matt                                      Another View of a Ply Split Matt

Materials:  Gripfid (if you have one), scissors, notebook.

Instructor will supply:   3 ply linen cords, gripfid (only those who wish)

Materials fee: $20

3D Necklace


Katoko Kitade

Description: You will make a three-dimensional necklace created by the succession of shell patterns in a dynamic shape.

Experience: Experienced ply split braiding


Three Dimensional Shell Necklace      Close Up of Shell Necklace

Materials:  Gripfid (if you have one), scissors, notebook

Instructor will supply:  Linen and metallic cords, gripfid (only those who wish)

Materials fee: $20