8-Element Braids

Instructor: Rosalie Neilson

Edo Yatsu Gumi, when interlaced in a single color, is the 8-element braid used most frequently to accompany a focal bead in a necklace. However, when Edo Yatsu is worked with two colors, the braid itself becomes a patterned cord that can be used as a necklace. Learn how to transpose the 2-color F-Fret Pattern of Edo Yatsu Gumi into the Flower Pattern of Double Edo Yatsu. Learn how to alternate the colors of the Flower and how to switch back to the F-Fret Pattern.

The workshop focus is on learning how to make the braid. Use your preferred method for set-up and finishing.




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This pdf file is available for viewing until mid-November and provides the multiple steps Rosalie demonstrated during the class.


This abbreviated pdf file is available for download to support ongoing Edo Yatsu braiding.


Rosalie Neilson Discusses Braiding with Giovanna Imperia
Introduction to F-Fret Braid

Rosalie discusses the Edo Yatsu layouts of fiber, including how to achieve either an S-slant or a Z-slant braid.

S-slant Edo Yatsu

Rosalie displays and describes three variations of the S-slant Edo Yatsu braid: F-Fret, Flowers, and 3X Edo Yatsu that reverses to a Z-slant.

1X Edo Yatsu Braiding

Rosalie demonstrates the braiding of the single Edo Yatsu resulting in an F-Fret Braid. There are four different layouts before returning to the original layout.

2X Edo Yatsu Braiding

The 2x Edo Yatsu or the Kawari Edo Yatsu is demonstrated resulting in the Flower Braid. Rosalie shows the difference in the points of interlacement or points of braiding between the first and the second clockwise moves. The same differences occur with the counterclockwise moves.

3X Edo Yatsu Braiding

The 3X Edo Yatsu Braiding or the Yatsu-Oimatsu is shown. Again the point of interlacement changes between the first, second and third clockwise moves. The same differences occur with the counterclockwise moves.

Flower Color Change Braiding

Rosalie demonstrates how to change the flower color using the 2X Edo Yatsu.

Single Flower Braiding

Rosalie uses nine steps to create a surrounded single flower. She begins with the layout of the Z-slant Braid 20 in her book.

Supply List: Four elements of Color A and four elements of Color B. Use the yarn of your choice … silk, synthetic silk, rayon, embroidery floss, cotton, etc.

For Yarn substitution amounts, refer to The Silk Standard. https://www.rosalieneilson.com/kumihimo

Scroll to bottom of page to see the gold-colored brochure.

Equipment: Marudai, 8 Tama, counterweight bag (approximately 45% of total of 8 Tama weight)

Skill Level: Intermediate marudai braider

Recommended Resource: The Twenty-Four Interlacements of Edo Yatsu Gumi by Rosalie Neilson
Discounted price for the book plus shipping is $20.  (Retail is $25)
Available via Email: rosalie@rosalieneilson.com