Instructor: Adrienne Gaskell

This unique necklace layers a beaded braid on top of a fiber braid. Students will be able to decide whether to create an elegant necklace or something for everyday wear depending on the beads they choose to use. Just about any bead will work; gemstones, crystals, pearls or seed beads. Adrienne will guide you on how to combine different beads to create your own unique look. No two braids will look the same!

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Edo Yatsu




Kit: No kit, see student supplies.

Materials List (for a necklace up to 26 in.):
4 Ropes Japanese Metallic @ 2.8 m or other smooth, non-stretchy fiber
(each rope has 4 bundles/sections with approx. 24 ends per bundle/section)
8 Lengths @ 5 ft of SLon/CLon Micro Cord if using 100% seed beads.
– or – 8 Lengths @ 5 ft WildFire 8 to 12 lb. (or similar product) if using pearls or gemstones as they may cut SLon/CLon Micro Cord.
Beads: Seed beads; 15º, 11º or 8º, pearls, gemstones, metal beads, etc. (see instructions for more advice about beads)
1 Magnetic Acrylic Cylinder Clasp, 8mm opening, or other clasp & findings
1 Big Eye Needle, with thin leader thread and/or bead spinner & needle

Student Equipment:
• Marudai
• 16 Tama of equal weight (70 to 100g)
• 8 Plastic Bobbins (not weighted)
• Counterweight 50% of total tama weight
• Chopstick or double pointed knitting needle 

Student Supplies:
• Scissors
• Thin knitting needle or chopstick
• Fray Check
• Waxed linen or waxed thread
• Tape measure
• Fray Check
• Darning needle with cotton thread
• Bead mat 
• Two part epoxy, plastic bags, and toothpick for mixing epoxy for the clasp

Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced marudai braider.

Prerequisites: Proficient making 8 tama braids on the marudai. Experience working with Japanese pre-cut fibers if that is your fiber of choice. Proficient braiding Edo-Yatsu and experience with Kawari Edo-yatsu I helpful. (Braids #7 & 8, pages 29 & 30, Comprehensive Treatise of Braids I: Maru-dai braids by Makiko Tada)