Instructor: Rebecca Combs

The Silky Star combines beaded kongoh gumi with bead stitching to create an elegantly embellished necklace.  Learn how to follow a kumihimo stringing chart and how to modify the count for other lengths.  Once you understand the concept, the design possibilities are endless.

Silky Star


Kit: $67, includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail, USA only.
Kit contents: Printed step-by-step instructions with photos, needle, size 18 Superlon, Toho size 8 seed beads, Czech Silky beads, Toho demi beads, magnetic end cap, binding thread, E6000 glue.

Supply list for students not purchasing a kit:
45 Silky beads
32 grams size 8/0 Japanese seed beads
4 grams size 6/0 Toho Demi beads
Size 18 Superlon
4 yards One-G beading thread
1 set 8 mm magnetic endcaps
Nymo binding thread
E6000 glue

Student Equipment:  Your choice of using either the foam disk or marudai. 

Foam Disk Equipment List:  Calculator, writing materials, scissors, kumihimo disk (regular thickness), 8 weighted bobbins (23 grams each), clip-on center weight  (45 grams), beading mat.

Marudai Equipment List: Calculator, writing materials, scissors, marudai, 8 Tama (70 grams each), adjustable center weights approx. 150-300 grams, chopstick, blue painters tape, beading mat.

Skill Level: Advanced.

Pre-requisites: Students should be able to independently set-up and braid a beaded Kongoh Gumi on the disk.  Unbraiding proficiency is essential.  Students should be able to identify both correct and incorrect points of braiding.