Spiral necklaces

Instructor: Rosalie Neilson

The patterns of 8-element Edo Yatsu Gumi, when worked with two colors, are like rivulets that flow along the length of the braid. Learn the layout for a spiraling stripe. See how it can be as regular as a barber pole or zig and zag along the braid.  It can also form straight pathways or veer into ever widening spirals. Learn how one color layout can navigate all these different pathways. Workshop focus is on learning how to make the braid. Use your preferred method for set-up and finishing.



Entire PPT
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This pdf is available for viewing until mid-November and provides the multiple steps Rosalie demonstrated during the class.

Abbreviated PPT

This abbreviated pdf is available for download to support ongoing Edo Yatsu braiding.


Rosalie Neilson Discusses Braiding with Giovanna Imperia
Introduction to S and Z Spirals

Rosalie introduces the S and Z Spirals, Braids 22 and 24 in The Twenty-Four Interlacements of Edo Yatsu Gumi. Note that she refers to a single fiber as a strand and the grouping of strands as an element.

1X S Spiral Edo Yatsu Braiding

Rosalie explains how the S and Z Spirals have different initial color layouts. However, the element movements are the same. Rosalie demonstrates the Edo Yatsu movements.

2X S Spiral Edo Yatsu Braiding

The 2X Edo Yatsu or the Kawari Edo Yatsu is demonstrated resulting in a braid Rosalie references as ZigZag.

3X S Spiral Edo Yatsu Braiding

The 3X Edo Yatsu or Yatsu-Oimatsu braid consists of three clockwise movements followed by three clockwise movements followed by thee counterclockwise movements. The focus on understanding the point of interlacement or point of braiding after each movement teaches you what to look for to ensure you are braiding correctly.

1X Z Spiral Edo Yatsu Braiding

The Edo Yatsu braid begins with Rosalie rearranging the elements into the layout for Braid 24. Again, the movements remain the same as do the points of interlacement. The difference is the reverse angle of the striped braid.

3X Z Spiral Edo Yatsu Braiding

In this demonstration Rosalie begins with the ending layout of the 1X Z Spiral Edo Yatsu and moves directly to the 3X Z Spiral Edo Yatsu.  She also focuses on the difference between the points of interlacement when an element starts from below or on top of the adjacent element.

Moving from a 1X S Spiral to a 1X Z Spiral

Rosalie demonstrates how easy it is to move from S to Z and vice versa by simply changing the number of clockwise movements.

Moving from a 3X Z Spiral to a 1X S Spiral

This time the migration is from Z to S and S to Z on the 3X spiral is easily done, but this time using the counterclockwise movements.

Switching ZigZag Colors in 2X Edo Yatsu Braiding

Rosalie demonstrates how to switch the color of the ZigZag stitches, at the same time keeping them in alignment, by adding the clockwise and counterclockwise movements of 1X Edo Yatsu braiding.

Supply List: Four elements of Color A and Four elements of Color B. Use the yarn of your choice … silk, synthetic silk, rayon, embroidery floss, cotton, etc.

For Yarn substitution amounts, refer to The Silk Standard. https://www.rosalieneilson.com/kumihimo  Scroll to bottom of page to see the gold-colored brochure.

Equipment: Marudai, 8 Tama, counterweight bag (approximately 45% of the 8 Tama total weight)

Recommended Resource: The Twenty-Four Interlacements of Edo Yatsu Gumi by Rosalie Neilson

Discounted price for the book plus shipping is $20.  (Retail is $25)
Available via Email: rosalie@rosalieneilson.com