Instructor: Yin Guang

This 7-Strand braided Pearl Necklace is created solely for the class of AKS virtual Gathering. The necklace features an artfully blended mix of beads in different sizes, colors and shapes. In the project, a pattern design is introduced for a beaded focal section in 7-Strand pearl necklace. This pattern design will open up a lot of possibilities for creating varieties of stylish braided projects with some of your bead stash. In the class, the pattern principle, the template I created, and the techniques to set up the bead sequencing will be described and demonstrated, as well as other techniques used in this design.

7 Strand Pearl Necklace Class Recording


A recording of the live class will be posted here on October 19

Kit: $68.00, includes USPS shipping, USA only.
Kits available in five color options.
Kit contents: Instructions, all required beads (bicone and roundel crystal beads, fresh water pearls, daggers, antique silver beads & Japanese seed beads), set of 11pc shell pearls, 7pc S-Lon cords (pre-cut) and a core cord, end cap clasp, a paper 7 Strand template.

Supply List for students not purchasing a kit:
7 strands 36” long S-Lon Tex 135 (0.4mm) pre-tied together
12  6º (4mm) Japanese seed  beads
12 4mm  silver daisy  beads  and 15 silver leaf beads
12 4mm crystal bicone
10 silver leaves and 11 shell pearls
1 end-cap clasp (inside diameter of 4mm)
• 12 3×11 mm dagger beads
• 12  top hole fresh water pearls
• 12 6mm or 8mm crystal roundel
• 12 long magatama
• 620 8/0 Japanese seed beads (approx. 13 grams)
28 in. piece of 2mm core cord
• Paper template for 7-strand braidtemplate will be included in the PDF instruction.

Student Supplies: Scissors, bead mat, and foam disk. More supplies available at

Skill Level: Intermediate disk braider

Prerequisite: Prior experience with 7-Strand (aka Fill the Gap) braiding with beads is essential.