Instructor: Masumi Tada

Students will learn how to make a variety of textured braids on the Octo plate including curved, twisted, serpentine, flat, and wide.  These unconventional braid styles have many design possibilities, including contemporary jewelry and edging on clothing or fabric.  Students will learn how to achieve different textures using a variety of braiding materials.


Class Zoom Recording

Winding Anda

Winding Sasanami

Mix of Anda & Sasanami

Kit: No kit, see student supply list.

Student Supplies: 
– Japanese pre-cut metallic (recommended), 12 elements (bundles) of metallic thread (with 24 ends) for one bracelet. In general one rope of metallic consists of four elements.
Octo plate.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Students should have experience braiding on disk, plate, or Octo Plate.