Instructor: Rebecca Combs

Braided Splendor

The Braided Splendor pushes the limited of what’s possible with beaded kongoh gumi.  In this class, you’ll learn how to manipulate the structure of the braid using a precise bead count to create the illusion of hand-stitched beaded beads.  Other techniques include braiding around a core and dropping multiple beads at once.

**This class is a pre-recorded offering affording access at your convenience. The Class Instructions, related video and Forum will be available from October 3rd through November 14th.

Kit: $98, includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail, USA only.
Kit contents: Printed instructions, needle, Superlon micro, Toho seed beads sizes 15 – 8, Toho demi round beads, assorted Czech glass beads, head-pins, end caps, chain, lobster claw, binding thread.

Supply List for students not purchasing the kit:
For the braid:
– 1 yard (3 feet) 
size 18 Suplerlon (try to match the color of your 6mm beads)
– 8 yards micro Superlon 
(try to match the color of your 6mm beads) 
– 1 gram
size 15/0 beads (color A)
1 gram size 11/0 beads (color A)
2 grams size 8/0 beads (color A)
36 or 60 pc strand of 4 mm fire polished beads (color B)
1 gram size 8/0 Demi round beads (color B)
1 gram size 8/0 Demi round beads (color C)
1 gram size 11/0 Demi round beads (color C)
18 or 30 pc 6mm round beads (color C)
For the finishing chain:
2 pc 2mm crimp endcaps
12+ inches chain
1 pc lobster claw clasp
6 pc 2 in. headpins
4 pc 4 mm fire polished beads (see above)
2 pc 6mm round beads (see above)
12 pc size 8/0 Demi rounds (see above)
4 pc size 11/0 see beads (see above)
Hypo cement

Student Equipment:
Kumihimo disk (4 in. of regular thickness and with a 1 3/8 in. hole)
8 weighted bobbins (23 grams each)
1 plain bobbin
big eye needle
Center weight (45 grams)
Binding thread
 For the chain embellishment:
– Round 
nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Bent chain nose pliers
Wire cutters

Skill Level: Advanced.

Student should be able to independently set-up and braid a beaded Kongoh Gumi on the disk. Unbraiding proficiency is essential. Students should be able to identify both correct and incorrect points of braiding. Previous experience braiding around a core is required.