Instructor: Adrienne Gaskell

In this class students will learn how to embellish an oimatsu braid using four additional warps with pearls. Once students learn this technique they will be able to explore limitless possibilities using all sorts of beads to create their own unique designs.

Kit: $62 includes shipping, USA only.
Kit contents: Japanese metallic fibers, leather, glass pearls, big eye needle, acrylic clasp, cords for the pearls, instructions. Students will have a choice of kits in four color choices: Shades of Silver, Green with Envy, Purple Haze or Cafe au lait.

Supply List for students not purchasing a kit:
*3 Ropes Japanese Metallic @ 2.8 m
(each rope has 4 bundles/sections with approx. 24 ends per bundle/section)
4 Lengths of 6 ft (2m) of S-Lon Tex 135 (0.4mm) 
*20 feet 1mm round leather cord
120 Czech glass pearls 4mm (1 strand)
8 mm clasp

Student Equipment: 
• Marudai
• 16 Tama of equal weight (70 to 100g)
• 4 Weighted bobbins
• Counterweight 45% of total tama weight
• Chopstick or double pointed knitting needle 

Student Supplies:
• Scissors
• Fray Check
• Darning Needle with cotton thread
• Bead Mat 

Skill Level: Advanced with marudai experience.

Pre-requisites: Students should be proficient braiding a 16-tama oimatsu braid on the marudai and working with Japanese pre-cut fibers.