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In this email, we feature:

Registration for Carolyn Haushalter’s new eStudy Group based on Catherine Martin’s book,

An article by Shirley Berlin on how to “keep your bobbins as smooth as a baby’s bottom,”

A pattern for a 4th of July American flag bracelet by Carolyn Haushalter, and AKS and Kumihimo Tidbits or little bites of news.

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Welcome New AKS Members 
Since January 1, 2020, we have 40 new AKS members! Hope to “see” you in one of the online classes! 

Click Here to see the classes now available to you.

New AKS Online eStudy Group – Registration Open!

This eStudy Group is based on Catherine Martin’s book:
Kumihimo: Japanese silk braiding techniques” 

The eStudy Group leader, Carolyn Oliver Haushalter, is a popular AKS instructor. She will teach four consecutive sessions beginning with an Intro to MarudaBraiding. 

The first session provides an overview of the basics of braiding with precut silk or Imposter/Biron. This will be especially helpful for those new to fiber braiding or braiders interested in gaining a new perspective.
The next 3 sessions, spaced at 2 to 3 week intervals, will focus on the braids in Martin’s book, shown in photo. Students can participate in 1, 2, 3 or all of the sessions in the series. There will be a separate registration for each of the sessions. 

Click Here for more information and to register.

How to Care for your Bobbins (Tama) By Shirley Berlin
Bobbins should be as “smooth as a baby’s bottom”. If you ever want to work with fine strands of silk, 80 or so to the bobbin, you will need bobbins without snags or flaws. Diehard braiders want bobbins to be silky smooth! Occasionally you may need to smooth out your bobbins, or you may have “found” bobbins at a sales table at a Guild meeting, or been given bobbins from an unknown braider or have some handmade bobbins made by someone working from a photo. Whatever – you want to give your bobbins some love!
Read more on Bobbin Care on the AKS Blog

Special Thanks to Carolyn Oliver Haushalter for her 4th of July Flag Bracelet Pattern!

©Carolyn Haushalter

AKS and Kumihimo Tidbits:
Attention Facebook Users: AKS has started a private discussion group for AKS members. This will not replace the AKS Facebook communication or our email notifications through Constant Contact. It’s a place where AKS members can chat, show off their braids and ask questions.
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Have you seen the new and enhanced revision of Makiko Tada’s Comprehensive Treatise of Braids I? 
Makiko’s new book has arrived! This 4th edition includes an expanded introduction, history, information on equipment and setting up the marudai and increased instructions for the braids in English. Although the braid structures are the same, there are new color setups and pictures for many of our beloved braids. The book is available from BraidersHand and Kumihimo Resource.