Continuous Beaded Braids (CBB) are braids that are made with long continuous strands of beads. They are worked on the marudai the same as fiber braids, using bead strands in place of the fiber strands. This eCourse is marudai based and will guide students through an in depth study of CBB as well what is unique for the marudai when making these types of braids. Each unit will explore different aspects of the process as well as different braid structures. If you have my DVD - More Beaded Kumihimo on the Marudai, which is the first text book for CBB, you will find this course will give you more in-depth information since I did not have the same time constrants and so I was able to give fuller explanations. I've also learned some new tricks and tips since making the DVD. I hope you enjoy the course and learn something new.

Module 1 The Basics
Unit 1 Introduction to CBB  
Unit 2 Tools for CBB  
Unit 3 Beads for CBB  
Unit 4 Setting up the Marudai  
Unit 5 Loading Beads on Warp Cords  
Module 2 Braiding
Unit 1 Braid Documentation  
Unit 2 Braiding  
Unit 3 Braid Structures  
Unit 4 Edo Yatsu  
Unit 5 Kaku Yatsu  
Unit 6 Hira Kara  
Unit 7 Ridged Spiral  
Unit 8 Ridged Spiral with Accent Beads  
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