eStudy Group – Creative Kumihimo

This 12 week course will be a survey of 18 braids from Creative Kumihimo by Jacqui Carey. Each week students will be guided through a different braid. We will use a discussion forum to ask questions and provide feedback.
Part 1 - The 1st six weeks. Each week students will choose to make either an 8 or a 16 tama braid. The 16 tama braid will be a variation of the 8 tama braid. Students are encouraged to choose the most challenging of the two. The underlying principle is to understand how the different types and orders of movements work to form basic braid shapes.
Part 2- The 2nd six weeks. Students will be working exclusively with 16 tama braids, using “by the book” examples. You will be guided through variations of how the order of movement changes the braid. You can make the “by the book” version, one of the variations shown, or try your own variations. This part of the course should teach you to understand how to read the types of movements and how they can be changed up to add texture and variety to your braid work.

Module 1Creative Kumihimo Part 1
Unit 1Introduction
Unit 2Week One: Braids 8A (Kusari Tsunagi) and 16A (Shiro Ogi)
Unit 3How to Use the Class Forum
Unit 4Week Two: Braids 8D (Kusari Kaku Yatsu) and 16D (Maru Genji)
Unit 5Week Three: Braids 8F (Edo Yatsu) and 16N (Naiki Gumi)
Unit 6Week Four: Braids 8H (Kaku Yatsu) and 16T (Maru Kara)
Unit 7Week Five: Braids 8K (Kara Yatsu) and 16U (Hira Kara)
Unit 8Week Six: Braids 8M (Hira Yatsu) and 16AB (Maru Sugi)
Module 2Creative Kumihimo Part 2
Unit 1Introduction
Unit 2Week Seven: Braid 16E Ishi Datami and Two Variations
Unit 3Week Eight: Braid 16F Atsumimi Genji and two variations
Unit 4Week Nine: Braid 16M Chidori and two variations
Unit 5Week Ten: Braid 16V Suehiro and one variation
Unit 6Week Eleven: Braid 16Z Yurugi and two variations
Unit 7Week Twelve: Braid 16AD Shinonome and two variations