In this portion of the eStudy course Carolyn Oliver will present videos and share insights with students on the first four braids from Catherine Martin's book "Kumihimo: Japanese silk braidin techniques." Braids studied include: Yotsu gumi, Kaku yattsu gumi, Maru-genji gumi and Maru yattsu gumi. Carolyn will be providing supplemental notes and photos of the marudai setup for each braid along with individual feedback using the AKS Class Forum. Full instruction and Catherine Martin's notes are in her book and should be consulted to learn how to make the braids.

Module 1 Intro to Marudai: Braids 1 to 4 by Carolyn Oliver
Unit 1 Introduction to Braids 1 to 4  
Unit 2 Materials and Supplies: Braids 1 to 4  
Module 2 Braids 1 to 4
Unit 1 Braid 1: Yotsu Gumi  
Unit 2 Braid 2: Kaku Yattsu Gumi  
Unit 3 Braid 3: Maru-Genji Gumi  
Unit 4 Braid 4: Maru Yattsu Gumi  
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