This is the final eCourse in the Ready, Set, Braid series of 4 classes led by Carolyn Oliver. The braiding examples include Braids 9 - 12 as presented in Catherine Martin’s book, “Kumihimo: Japanese silk braiding techniques.” The braids demonstrated include: Kongo gumi, Oimatsu gumi, Shi-no-nomo gumi and Mitake gumi. Carolyn Oliver will provide written instructions along with video demonstrations of these four braids during this course.

Module 1 Introduction to Braids 9 - 12
Unit 1 Introduction to this course  
Unit 2 Materials and Supplies  
Module 2 Intro to Marudai: Braids 9 - 12
Unit 1 Braid 9: Kongo Gumi  
Unit 2 Braid 10: Oimatsu Gumi  
Unit 3 Braid 11: Shi-No-Nome Gumi  
Unit 4 Braid 12: Mitake Gumi  
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