Sample Beaded Laramie Braid

The idea behind this course is to forge a marriage between beads and braids that, like any good marriage, brings out the best of both partners. We’ll make beaded braids where the braid structure can be seen. The beads will be there as embellishment – notas the stars of the show.

You will learn how to create braids that don’t swallow the beads or pile them up in an unruly fashion. The beads will be pre-threaded (not sewn on – yes, people do ask!) onto 1, 2, 3 or 4 of the 7, 10, or 16 threads. Depending on the braid structure, the beads are seated in different ways.

The class is suitable for beginners although it builds somewhat in difficulty. You could easily stop and indulge in multiple sampling at any of the modules. Some of the structures have been adapted for the disc from marudai patterns, so if you prefer to work on a marudai, many of the braids can be followed using the patterns in the books that you have. We can “talk” about this as the course goes on.

In this eCourse, we’ll be looking at a variety of braids - round, flat, square and lacy braids – seven different structures. As you complete each Module, feel free to use the Forum to ask questions and share photos of your wonderful creations. It is amazing and inspiring to see the myriad of variations that come from each set of basic instructions!

Your questions are especially useful to us all.

Have fun!

Module 1 Preparing for eCourse - Star-of-the-Show
Unit 1 Star of the Show List of Materials  
Unit 2 Introduction & General Info  
Module 2 Straw-plaiting braids
Unit 1 Fill-the-Gap Braiding  
Unit 2 The Laramie Braid  
Module 3 Round Braids
Unit 1 Kongo Gumi  
Unit 2 Beady Braid  
Module 4 Square and Flat Braids
Unit 1 The Square Braid  
Unit 2 A Flat Braid  
Module 5 Mountain Road Lace
Unit 1 Mountain Road Lace  
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